What If!

Continued From Part1: Sandhya’s Wait

If today A didn’t turn up, she’d have to make some miserable excuses and leave, embarrassed at having sat at the table for more than a good share of an hour without ordering even a glass of juice. She could never afford a place like this, ever. Especially not now.

This meeting, she desperately wanted things to work out between A and herself. He had never given her a proper name. All his emails were signed A, never an alphabet more, never a surname. She didn’t care about the fact that he did not give her a name, all she wanted was things to go smoothly between them and her life would be set, her dream journey would begin and her life would take a whole new turn!

Click click click!

She was sure she heard the sound distinctly, but looking around she saw no one. Sandhya, blaming her mind for making things up that were not even there, dismissed her thoughts.

She was sure no stalker would sneak into a place like this behind her and least of all, dare to photograph her. The place was too sophisticated and chic for perverts and stalkers. Even as she was consoling herself, she heard it again, in rapid succession, the clicks as if someone was taking her pictures from very close. Startled, she turned around, only to find the waiter coming over to her table.

She would again have to cut a sorry figure and tell him that she place her order once she was ready. Mentally making a note never to arrive well in advance, she glanced over to the door for the umpteenth time in the last 45 minutes.

He was late.

What if he stood her up? What if he is not interested in her? What if he had already found someone else?

(I thank each and every one of you who is reading this and leaving me your comments. Please know that each thought of yours, each view point is important to me and I would love to hear them all. I will read each one of them once I am back to my normal life. Please know that when each part of the story goes live, I might be on some mountain top trekking with my friends, or in some temple praying fervently seeking some divine intervention or lost in some remote village with no connectivity. Thank you for understanding. May life smile upon you!)

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