Turbulence – Part 8


The Turbulence has reached its 8th and final part here. Read part 7 here if you haven’t already.


“But you don’t understand Avi. I need the money.”

“Sandy I understand your needs, but tell me one thing. Did you come to this city thinking that you would enrol yourself to be the escort for some unscrupulous foreigner who just wants to have a good time here? No right? Tell me, what made you come into this big city? Tell me your dreams” Avi lowered his voice a bit and looked deep into her eyes as if searching for some answers.

“Avinash. Please, don’t do this to me” sobbed Sandhya.

“You know, I am qualified enough to impart some lessons to school children, but over here nobody gives me a job.” She continued in between the sniffing and the sobbing, “I have lost count of the number of interviews I’ve attended and the number of applications I’ve sent out. I have a family to feed Avi. I can’t let them suffer because of me”

“Sandy, let me help you. I will find you a job that does not require you to sacrifice your dignity. I had wanted to help you out in any manner possible and that is the reason I agreed to interview you back then. Wait let me show you something” he said, fishing out his phone from his pocket.

“Look at this girl. So lost in thought she is, she is unaware of what is happening around her, so bright is her spirit you can almost feel her warmth from afar. Wait let me show you another one. There, look at the expression on your face!”

Instead of getting angry at Avi for clicking her pictures without her permission, Sandhya guffawed out.

Avi looked at her kindly while Sandhya wiped off her tears and turned to smile at him.

Oh man! Look at her dimples, I could swim around in those forever!


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3 thoughts on “Turbulence – Part 8”

  1. Oh! Now we understand her inner turmoil. Avinash seems to be a good guy, though I there is a cross against him in my report card for he clicked her pics on the sly.
    Waiting for the next part! 🙂
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