Turbulence – Part 7


The Turbulence has reached its 7th part here. Read part 6 here if you haven’t already.


“Hi Sandhya”

“Err Its Avi here.. Avinash”

“Yes Ai please tell me” she muttered into the phone, her voice bleary as if she had been crying.

“Sandy. What happened? Are you alright?” he was nobody to ask her such a personal question, but at that moment there was nobody else. It was just him

Sandhya vented out all her pent up emotions to him. She told him all about her childhood, the days they had struggled during the time when her father was sick, the times when she had raised her voice against her dad for being so ethical and for keeping his family hungry holding on to his lofty ideals, how the very same ideals were now taunting her and holding her back.

Though initially Avi was in shock and felt clueless about what to tell her, he gathered his wits quickly and asked her to stay put in her apartment and that he was coming over to pick her up.

“Sandhya, listen to me. Look at my face”

“See, don’t let this pressurise you. Money will come and go, no I am not telling you this as someone who wants to employ you and push you into a trade you are not cut out for, rather I am telling this to you as a friend who I hope I can become… Sandy let me tell you one thing. The first time I say you, even before coming over to meet you, I knew you were good. Probably a bit too good for this project. You are not like the others I have met, there is a certain charm in you, a certain class. I knew your standards were not like the others, and that is why I am so concerned about you.”


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