Turbulence – Part 6


The Turbulence has reached its 6th part here. Read part 5 here if you haven’t already.


It was only when Avi called up to tell her that she was selected for the job that the gravity of the situation really sunk into Sandhya. It was shock that she expressed. Though she desperately needed that job, at some level she did not want to stoop so low. If not for the to-be-paid bills piling up, she wouldn’t even have given this project a consideration.

The job was simple, there was lots of money involved and there was nothing stopping her or holding her back. Her family was back in her village, they would probably not know anything about this for a long long while and by the time she would have made enough money to repay the debt they had accrued trying to treat their mother who was fighting cancer.

Avi could sense that something was not right from Sandhya’s voice.  Though she had thanked him for selecting her for the job, she didn’t seem too happy about it, if anything she seemed shaken to her core, as if all this was a mistake.

Even after about half an hour, Avi could not let go of the shallow spirited voice of Sandhya’s. It seemed such a contradiction to the bright eyed, spirited woman he had met for dinner a couple of days back.

He looked her number up in his book and before calling her, saved her number on his phone.


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