My Soul Sister & Her Blog!


It is not every day that you come across someone who makes you go ‘Hey me too!!” at every sentence that is spoken/written. In April 2013, I met this special someone, followed each other and our friendship bloomed on our blogs, back when my blog was still on blogspot and not even called Ishithaa.

Gradually, we connected and bonded. Within months we became thick friends. Nope, that is not how the story went. The connection was instantaneous. Like a forest on fire we caught up with each other, discovered so many interests that were shared and so many similar patterns of thoughts. If there ever is someone so special, whom your soul recognizes from across many seas, it is she. My very own soul sister - Sheethal.

Such a special person, when asks you for a guest post, how can you say no? You cannot right?!! So like I always open up my heart to her, I opened up my mind, with a bunch of questions on her blog. Go read this now 😉

Thanks 🙂


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