Shadows In Her Eyes


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“So Sandhya, tell me about yourself. Something other than what I already know. Tell me how important this meeting is for you.”

Sandhya, with those large restlessly expressive eyes was answering him, tiny details about her life, how she finished her education and went on to graduate from one of the top colleges in the country. More than her words, what Avi memorized were her actions, her eyes that darted around like a startled doe’s, the hands that deftly moved about in sync to match the words her rosebud lips were mouthing.

“So, what do you think Avi?”

“Hmm.. all good. You still didn’t tell me why you showed up here today? Why did you reach out to me when you have an illustrious future ahead of you. This project I am into, it may not suit girls like you. You know that very well I suppose. So you better give me a solid justification. I don’t want you regretting your decision finally.”

Damn, those shadows in her eyes are so painfully gorgeous. Wonder what is causing them, will I ever know?

“The reasons are mine and I’m not comfortable sharing them with you, but this I can ensure you, you will not regret if you pick me. Yes, I know the consequences of my actions, but I need the money now. More than anything else it’s the money that calls out to me.” Even in the dim lights of the restaurant Sandhya’s eyes gave away more than she wanted to tell. The pain was evident, the fear was there too, but she seemed to mean every word she said.

Avi knew this was his girl. None of the girls he’d met previously had the charm that Sandhya had, they could not hold his imagination for more than 5 minutes, whereas this woman here had been doing that ever since he received her photographs in his email.

“Sandhya, someone from my side will call you if you’ve been picked.” Avi, not wanting to give away too much, told while wiping his mouth with the napkin.

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