Enter Mr. A


Continued From Part 2. Read Part 1 here.

“Damn she is beautiful! Beautiful, the word is so much an understatement to associate to her. Who said Aiswarya Rai is the most beautiful woman in the world? Whoever did, must never have cast his eyes upon this goddess.”

Sandhya’s slender fingers playing with her soft tresses, the long painted fingernails sketching patterns on the satin covering the table, the bronze skin that effortlessly shimmered under the dim lights in the restaurant made his breathing heavier.

“God save my soul tonight and seal my lips. I do not want to say something that will make her cringe! I have a reputation to live up to!”

Unable to hold himself back any longer, he took out his camera and went click click click. In rapid succession, he had ample pictures of her. He lingered over the depth of those black kohl lined eyes for a moment, wanting to soak up all he could from that picture.

Resisting the desire to just watch her from a distance, he gathered and pulled himself to his full height of 6 feet, off he went confidently in her direction.

Instead of tapping on her right shoulder and moving to her left as he so badly wanted to do, he offered her his hand, “Hi! I’m Avinash, your Mr. A”

Would she think about what I just said? Your A, would she realise that I’d said it purposefully?

“Oh, so that’s the A. It is so nice to meet you Mr. Avinash.”

“You don’t have to mister me Sandhya. Take my name, Avinash or if that is too long and inconvenient, shorten it, you call me Avi or just A, as you wish Sandy but no Mr. A anymore!!”

Sandy! Really!! Did you have to say that!

The turmoil within her was so evident on her face, though she heard what A said it never sunk in. She failed to notice that on their first meeting, he gave her a nickname and he was possibly trying to flirt with her.

(I thank each and every one of you who is reading this and leaving me your comments. Please know that each thought of yours, each view point is important to me and I would love to hear them all. I will read each one of them once I am back to my normal life. Please know that when each part of the story goes live, I might be on some mountain top trekking with my friends, or in some temple praying fervently seeking some divine intervention or lost in some remote village with no connectivity. Thank you for understanding. May life smile upon you!)


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