Another Serial!


It was in April 2013 that I wrote my first serial story. I have been meaning to write a second one ever since and have been looking up at the sky, waiting for the muse to arrive. Then I thought, why not start off with whatever I have right now, and let lady Muse come whenever she wants to, if she wants to. We’ll show her who’s the boss!

October is a very busy month for me and I kind of miss participating in the UBC, like I did a few months back. Even though I wish I could take part in the UBC this time, I know I cannot, because as some of you already know there are a lot of things happening in my personal life right now, but I cannot let that affect my other personal life (yep, my blog) right! So here I start, another story.

As I am writing this, I’m clueless where the story is heading, I am unsure how many ‘episodes’ there would be and I also have no idea what the conclusion would be like, because like I said, the mind is blank as of now, there is only the urge to write and write I will. Hope you like this attempt also, like you did back in AtoZ Challenge.

As a final note, I want to thank each and every one of you who is reading this and leaving me your comments. Please know that each thought of yours, each view point is important to me and I would love to hear them all. I will read each one of them once I am back to my normal life. Please know that when each part of the story goes live, I might be on some mountain top trekking with my friends, or in some temple praying fervently seeking some divine intervention or lost in some remote village with no connectivity. Thank you for understanding.

May life smile upon you!

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