She Was Like That!

  Never before had I seen someone look so happy when the sky turned grey. When everyone else in office would curse the rains and close their windows, she would open her windows a little more, draw the curtains and longingly look outside, as if the rains would bring her lover along and reduce the … Read more

Turbulence – Part 8

  The Turbulence has reached its 8th and final part here. Read part 7 here if you haven’t already.   “But you don’t understand Avi. I need the money.” “Sandy I understand your needs, but tell me one thing. Did you come to this city thinking that you would enrol yourself to be the escort for some unscrupulous foreigner … Read more

Turbulence – Part 7

  The Turbulence has reached its 7th part here. Read part 6 here if you haven’t already.   “Hi Sandhya” “Err Its Avi here.. Avinash” “Yes Ai please tell me” she muttered into the phone, her voice bleary as if she had been crying. “Sandy. What happened? Are you alright?” he was nobody to ask her such a personal … Read more

Turbulence – Part 6

  The Turbulence has reached its 6th part here. Read part 5 here if you haven’t already.   It was only when Avi called up to tell her that she was selected for the job that the gravity of the situation really sunk into Sandhya. It was shock that she expressed. Though she desperately needed that job, at some … Read more

My Soul Sister & Her Blog!

  It is not every day that you come across someone who makes you go ‘Hey me too!!” at every sentence that is spoken/written. In April 2013, I met this special someone, followed each other and our friendship bloomed on our blogs, back when my blog was still on blogspot and not even called Ishithaa. … Read more

Last Hope

  (The whole story started here, make sure you catch up with us.) I wonder why they say he is a flirt. Wasn’t he perfectly fine with me last night? If anything his company had been wonderful, it felt like someone was finally listening to me. But why did he call me Sandy! Whoever does things … Read more

Shadows In Her Eyes

  (The whole story started here, make sure you catch up with us. Read the previous part here.) “So Sandhya, tell me about yourself. Something other than what I already know. Tell me how important this meeting is for you.” Sandhya, with those large restlessly expressive eyes was answering him, tiny details about her life, … Read more

Enter Mr. A

  Continued From Part 2. Read Part 1 here. “Damn she is beautiful! Beautiful, the word is so much an understatement to associate to her. Who said Aiswarya Rai is the most beautiful woman in the world? Whoever did, must never have cast his eyes upon this goddess.” Sandhya’s slender fingers playing with her soft … Read more

What If!

Continued From Part1: Sandhya’s Wait If today A didn’t turn up, she’d have to make some miserable excuses and leave, embarrassed at having sat at the table for more than a good share of an hour without ordering even a glass of juice. She could never afford a place like this, ever. Especially not now. … Read more

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