What happens when you yawn?

Oh no, don’t tell me the scientific facts as to why and how people yawn.

When I yawn in the office, the case is different… My team starts making noises that vary in frequency, but sound the same to me – like a pack of wolves howling – all of them together go “ooooooooooooooooooooooooo” in a particular tune that I cannot express in words! You need to be here to listen and understand the extent to which it irritates you.

Now that the ‘what’ part is done I’m coming to the ‘why’.

I got engaged a few weeks back, and ever since, my darling team-mates have received the news they are waiting for opportunities to tease me.

A simple yawn in office gets so much more meaning once you’re in a relationship. Because you were engrossed in ‘panchara adikkal’ (loosely translated as flirting) with your fiancé that you couldn’t sleep well.

Nobody cares that the adage ‘pyaar mein neend udd jaathi hai’ is working exactly the opposite way for me! I’ve been sleeping like there is no tomorrow. The fact that my mother no longer sleeps, either because of excitement or worry, is another thing entirely.

It never stops at a yawn though.

If the phone rings, it’s the fiancé.

If a courier comes, the fiancé has sent a gift.

If you wear a new accessory, the fiancé has gifted it!

God! Can’t it be my best friend from abroad sending me a gift, or my devil of a sis from B’lore?!

Do I get angry? Of course I pretend to 😉

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17 thoughts on “Yawn!!”

  1. Hahaha….. I too have done all those irritating stuffs to my friend right from the day the boy (now hubby) came to see her. She couldn’t even log n to fb, coz of me nd other two. Everyday we used to post something or the other on her wall and will tag the groom too…. it is too much fun teasing a “gonna be married soon” friend.


  2. Ha ha been there done that 😉
    That yawnpart used to irritate me I mean u r getting married but every yawn can’t b due to midnight calls
    Sigh 🙂 but ya this is the most enjoyable transition phase 😀
    Have fun

  3. Congratulations Bhavya…I too got committed recently but since I am in a new place, I am saved from the teasing. Anyways, if anyone did tease I would probably blush and play along! Enjoy the phase…it is great is it not?
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