The State I Am In


After a long weekend that was Onam, this Wednesday seems more “monday” than ever. On top of everything, the weather outside doesn’t help much. I so want to run out of the office and maybe go to the library and pick up a good book. The last time I was there I went and picked up the bong mom’s cook book but somehow never got around to reading them.

Right now, there are so many things lined up in my to do list, I do not know where to begin, even making lists is becoming a tedious job. That is where I am jealous of our Goddesses, they have so many hands and can easily get the job done in no time and still find time for themselves.

Speaking of time for myself, this is one word of advice I got from someone: once you start your new life, read post marital life, don’t spend too much time reading. How is that even possible?!! Reading, to me, is as natural as anything else you do on a daily basis like eating, taking a bath or even breathing. Like how you indulge and binge a little bit, similarly you read a bit extra on some days and maybe even forget that you actually need to sleep.

That is the state I am in right now – sleep deprived! Well I maybe yawning in the office in my warm corner in the room that otherwise resembles a morgue, I’m sleepy because of all the travelling our family did during the last 3 days. Mom came home on Saturday night, dad reached early morning on Sunday and we locked our home and left happily carrying our previously packed bags. Yeah, you guessed right. I am a sucker for travelling and absolutely love to be outdoors and for that I’m willing to even clean up the whole house which is a job I usually don’t carry out with a smile on my face!

Well, a lot of things around me are changing. Hopefully, its all for the good, for the bigger picture to come out better. I feel some sort of change creep into me too, whereas I am forcing some changes onto myself. I hope I remember that these are my choices, because only then will I be able to move forward stronger and determined.


( I apologize if none of this makes any sense to you, what you just read is a piece of my mind, well 15 written minutes of it is more correct. No, I’ve not gone bonkers. This is a form of writing called Free Write and I learnt it from Suzy who has given us a very interesting challenge over at our favorite site for some friendly bloggy interaction and wonderful prompts. Yes, you guessed it right – WriteTribe. Hop on to the bandwagon and let out all your thoughts! )

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16 thoughts on “The State I Am In”

  1. Been reading a lot of the ‘Free Write’ theme posts, and each one is so very interesting – hope you had a wonderful Onam!
    And you’re right about reading! I’ve got loads of papers to mark, and yet, I have to read a bit at least, else I go bonkers, especially if I’ve started a new book, and it needs me!!

    And may you be blessed to move forward, stronger and yet more determined 🙂
    Usha Pisharody’s latest…Brothers Who BakeMy Profile

  2. Lovely – thanks for sharing some moments of your days. I love these posts as they give me a glimpse into the person. They are more enjoyable than the philosophical stuff we often read. Loved it. So glad you joined in. Thank you.
    Suzy’s latest…JoyMy Profile

  3. I enjoyed reading about your days. I found when I sat down and free wrote all this mess of words of everything that is going on in my life and is pressing now tumbled right on out in no particular order. I was surprised I had so much bottled up inside me to say.
    Kathy’s latest…Free WriteMy Profile

  4. I have read a bit of the 15 minute writing and myself wrote one. I think these ensure that a person understands himself more after this and yes others also get a peek at the thoughts of the writer.

    Cheers to your future

  5. I was struck most by someone advising you not to read. Just to share from my experience, for some reason, the change post marriage, my need for cataract surgeries and some huge renovations to our flat, I found that I couldn’t read a complete book! It was the craziest thing to happen to me. Then suddenly everything seemed to settle and now I read like a fiend! 😉 Do what makes you comfortable, Bhavya. Don’t resist change, nor try too hard to change.
    Corinne Rodrigues’s latest…Listen To Your HeartMy Profile

    • Hopefully, the settling in will be smooth enough and I will not have to change one bit 😉
      But the change I’m talking about here are all for my own personal gains and have been on my list for a long time now. 😛


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