A Dream Come True

5…4…3…2…1… This was the defining moment in their lives, the longest 30 seconds had just ended. It looked like everything went fine and the launch seemed a success. Jubilation was all around her; the people who shaped this idea were beaming. As long as you work for someone else, you are obliged to smile and … Read moreA Dream Come True

If Only You Were Here

If Only You Were Here

The State I Am In

  After a long weekend that was Onam, this Wednesday seems more “monday” than ever. On top of everything, the weather outside doesn’t help much. I so want to run out of the office and maybe go to the library and pick up a good book. The last time I was there I went and … Read moreThe State I Am In


  What happens when you yawn? Oh no, don’t tell me the scientific facts as to why and how people yawn. When I yawn in the office, the case is different… My team starts making noises that vary in frequency, but sound the same to me – like a pack of wolves howling – all … Read moreYawn!!

The Suicide Note

  “Why dear God did you create me if you had no love for me. Why did you leave me into this world where nobody cares about me or loves me? I might as well be dead and nobody would notice. Not even you. For what fault of mine did you make me like this, … Read moreThe Suicide Note

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