To My Bestie


As you noticed, I started this letter to you, to my bestie abruptly. I remember that we don’t talk formally, hence I’m choosing to not write to you formally too!

Oh, you’re asking what reason makes me write to you instead of jabbering like always? That is because I hope to write something today that will make a difference in the relationship that we nurture now, I hope I can say the things I have been carrying inside my heart and make them clear and put in writing so that you and I both, can come back and read whenever our heart wants us to.

If you remember we have been acquaintances for a long long time now, somewhere along the way, we became friends and I am grateful for that turn our relationship took, or else we would both have tortured each other and would have had to suffer with each other, because we cannot be separate. You realize how big a statement that is? That you and I are two halves of one whole, we are a team, together we are not we, but I – Bhavya.

I still wonder how stupid we were in those days when we fought with each other, trying to dominate and rule over each other when we could have easily decided to be friends and conquered the world holding hands. But I guess, that is what is special about us, that we know each other so well that you can predict how I am going to react to a particular situation and I know how you would handle it. It is now so much easier for us to get along and lead a peaceful life for in all our fights and misunderstandings, we have unraveled the right balance between us and now we can maintain that equilibrium.

Don’t you remember when that dark, horsey lad from class 12 merely strummed his guitar and I fell for him flat! I still cannot imagine what would have happened if you had not held me back and let me look at him from your eyes. My eyes told me he was the perfect TDH combo but you showed the frills attached to that combination – the alcoholism, the ruffian he was in class and the general headache he was in his locality. So many incidents like that. Not that you were the one who was always right, like that time we found an old man lying on the roadside and when I wanted to help him, you were trying to stop me with excuses of probable police cases and such other rubbish, but we could help him stand up again right? I felt your happiness radiate through my entire being when you saw me put him safely in an auto asking the driver to drop the poor fellow home.

Today, my dear, I want to tell you, though we are friends, we are not best friends yet, we will get there. That is a certainty. For without you, I’m half and without me you too are incomplete. The puzzle is complete only when we join together, the equation is balanced when we put an effort into it. I promise, today, to hear you out every time there is a decision to be made, an answer to be given and weigh the pros and cons of both our sides and reach an amicable solution. Will you too promise me the same?

Also, I want to tell you I’m glad I have you for you are perfect for me, for with you, I’m whole.

Love & love,

Your equal half,
the heart


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12 thoughts on “To My Bestie”

  1. You have a beautiful friend Bhavya. The decisions that they make may not seem alright upfront but in the end you would realize, they were the best for you. Now onder you are incomplete without them 🙂 Stay beautiful, just like your ‘friend’
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  2. Bhavya, woaah..what a letter girl!!! See this is how you make people effortlessly fall ion love with you. If we ever intend to get married the arranged marriage way, just post your blogpost link in various matrimonial sites..Ur parents wouldve to arrange a swayamvar to get ur var, you know!!!1
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  3. This is such a beautiful letter. Truly sometimes friends complete us. WE FEEL empty with out them. Am sure u both r besties even if u didnt annoucne till now
    Long live ur friendship


  4. Loved the words “your equal half”. reminded me of my best friend from childhood. She now lives far away…but distance is hardly a barrier for friendship. ..right? Loved ur post


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