Loving a Prankster



Noisily, she fell down again.

In the darkness, he smiled.

“Next time you try that, I will sleep on the other bed. You sleep here all alone hugging that cold pillow.”

Oh he was a prankster, who did this all the time, but she loved her little brother too much and indulged him always.




(This is in response to an amazing tutorial and a prompt by Vidya Sury on Write Tribe.)

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Author: Ishithaa

She's the one who grew up a bit too soon, the child in her refusing to grow up. She's the paradox you will love to unravel, yet the truth in her eyes continue to disturb the web of your thoughts.

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  1. Ha ha…I can totally relate to what you habe said…only I have both a brother n a sister 🙂 its quite a circus 🙂

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