Fighting The Demons


Chinese Whispers, you know, that fun game where one person whispers a message to another, passing through a series of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. We are doing just that at Write Tribe except through stories on our blog with nine participants. Blogger 1 began the story on August 1 and every alternate day, the story is updated by the blogger scheduled for that date. The story will conclude with Blogger no. 9. I am at no.8.

The Story So Far:

Chapter 1: Like You Know Me Better Than I Know Myself By Richa
Chapter 2: The Dream I Dream… By Shilpa
Chapter 3: The Plan Unfolds By Pixie
Chapter 4: The Beginning By Phenomenon
Chapter 5: First Stroke Of Luck By Santulan

Chapter 6: Shishir’s Mind By Ayush
Chapter 7: The Plot Thickens By Vidya

Chapter 8 : Fighting The Demons

As confusing as the things that were happening in his head, Shishir was dumbfounded when the realization hit him that his own partner, his own Ankitha whom he banked upon in any dire circumstances, whom he thought he knew like the back of his hand, the very same Ankitha now held the glock to his forehead.

“W-what are you d-doing here? P-please don’t k-kill me” as a sweaty Shishir croaked out, Ankitha remembered that he was munching on those suspicious dark chocolates.

Damn, these are not the words you should be speaking right now Shishir, exclaimed an exasperated Sid. Sanket, where are you man!! Only you can save us now. Sankettttt!

Shut up Sid, Sanket is not the one you should be calling for. If anyone, it is he who is responsible for all these things happening to us.

But remember, when daddy was being funny with us, Sanket would always help us out! He would come to our aid every time we were in pain with his Shish, shish, be calm!

Yeah, those were nothing but your dreams and fantasy. Under that dark blanket of swagger and smartness, you really are broken – broken beyond repair. You never could get over your past after all, the damage the brute who was your father did when you were a child has scarred your soul beyond redemption and made you a hopeless nutter.

Was the unidentified compound at work? Was it really controlling him? She had no answers to the multitude of questions popping in her head. Except for two things she was certain about nothing else. For one, she knew Chauhan was lying to her and secondly there was something spooky going on in Bioluminence, the employees were all pretty strange, killing each other and plotting against each other for nothing. That Shishir was fighting the demons inside him and that he was in pain was evident to Ankitha from the way his facial muscles contorted.

The pain was too much, way beyond what he could take and Shishir fell face down onto the floor, in a clumsy heap. Even though it shocked her, Ankitha remembered that this happened to Shishir often when he was depressed and denied his medication. Frantically, she searched for the little pellets in his table but all she found was the chocolate bars.


“Rohan, you should have better manners and should not keep an old man like me waiting” the mockery in his voice and the back of his chair greeting him as he walked into Chauhan’s office.

“I’ll be on time next time. There were some urgent tasks to be delegated in the Mir…”

“Whatever it is, let it be. You and I will not be meeting anymore and this is the last time you will ever look at me with that sneaky little face and that defiant attitude of yours. Everything is coming to a close and I’m drawing the strings on this 9 month old project. You heard that? I am. I’m the boss here and you better remember that Rohan.”



Tribe whispers is an idea proposed by Ayush Chauhan at the  WriteTribe Facebook Group. Members of the group are working together to create a story. Read more here: Tribe Whispers at Hundred Works. Over to Vaisakh to wrap up this tale which we have so enjoyed writing.

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  1. Aha!! So you brought Shishir’s multiple personalities out again!! Liked the way you have tried to tie the loose ends… cant wait to read the final chapter by Vaisakh now!! 🙂


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