Why Were People Against Her Friendship


(Continued from Arti, Bindu, Chanchal I am attempting to retell the story of three friends and their relationships changed with time. Do let me know what you think about these characters, do you think they are justified in what they say? and do?)


Time passed, Bindu somehow managed to handle both the people in her life. As they all lived pretty far away from home, there was no family close by and all they had for each other were their friends. Situations used to get worse on Sundays when both of them wanted Bindu to spend time with him/her instead of the other one.

Semester examinations were around the corner and all of them were busy with their studies. Bidnu, being a smart and helpful girl, took special classes and tutored her friends during their study holidays. They were a set of 10 people whom Bindu taught on a regular basis. This group, which included both boys and girls started to notice that wherever Bindu was, Arti followed her like Mary’s little lamb.

Since Arti was in another class, she never sat in the same study group, but would always be there a few tables away and would be minding her own business. Youngsters being youngsters, they could never understand the need to be so close to a friend all the time. In between the study breaks they took, Bindu went on to check how Arti was doing with her studies, asked her whether she wanted any sort of help, chit chatted with her for a few minutes and always came back well in time to resume their teaching-learning process. This continued for weeks, and the comments and talks about the relationship these girls shared worsened. They were called twins at times, lesbians at times. Bindu knew it was her own ‘friends’ who were spreading the rumours and tried hard to prevent these from reaching Arti’s ears. The question that always was present in her mind was, why were people against her friendship? They said a guy and a girl could never be just good friends, and now this is what they are saying. What makes them think that two girls never be friends? She decided to confront Chanchal regarding the same at the breakfast table the next day.

“Tell me something, whats with all these rumours about meand Arti? Didn’t you hear those”

“Well, yes I did. What can I do about those, I mean you are in the soup, you need to learn to get out of it yourself. Besides, what is the point in me helping you, you can never stay away from that girl, can you Bindu? Haven’t I always told you to keep distances from her? She is not a good girl Bindu, she is just trying to use you… to get your help, to get your attention because she is not good at making friends. All the girls here know about her and that is the reason they keep away from her, and you… you are always with her” his lips were quivering in rage as he continued to give her a lecture about how bad Arti is.

“But Chan..”

“No buts Bindutty, I’m telling you… Stay away from that girl, she is not good for you. You are a good girl, loved and respected by everyone in the college, from the Dean to the peon, why are you spoiling your image for a vermin like her?”

He got up to leave, to leave her alone at the table for yet another time. By now, she had lost count of how many times he had done this to her. As if adding a closing phrase to the lecture, he said, “We boys can tell… and we know that she is a lesbian… more than that, she is with you, only to make use of you and exploit you.”

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11 thoughts on “Why Were People Against Her Friendship

  1. Jealous C.. WHy are people so mean..tell me.. What is anyone’s propblem with how anyone is..why should it be an either or….I dont Like Chanchal..Waiting to read more 😀

  2. I think it is all about sex.. world thinks a boy and gal cannot be friends because they might end up having sex…. and now since the lesbian concept has become more open they think the same about two gals being close…

    I think what C said was totally useless…boys can tell it seems!! what they are God sent angels or what??? O_O

    I think Arti is just not having any other friends and so she is clinging onto Bindu all the time… and moreover Bindu is nice to her… I also have a feeling that Arti has some sort of insecurity, some thing emotional….
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