When You Say Nothing At All…


All the words of love, uttered while gazing at the stars, mean nothing, when you say nothing at all…
The outlines you traced on the back of the palm, when you say nothing at all…
The tears you shed over my absence mean nothing, when you say nothing at all…
Something happens; a little piece of me dies, when you say nothing at all…

I am not afraid that I will die, but that you will not have someone who loves you as much as I. I used to be your strength, your lucky charm, the savior on your bad day, remember they are your words, never spoken by me.

After so many years of marriage, of living together and of watching our babies grow into adults and lead their own lives, you tell me there is another woman, and that we are done? What does that mean? Was I not sufficient? Where did I go wrong? What am I to understand when you say nothing at all…

I was not one who believed in love and happily ever afters, I was happy on my own in my little world. Then you came along, on the pretext of business, you built a bridge between us. You came all the way the day I was sick, bringing bouquets of roses for me, without even knowing that I hated them.

My heart was mine, till the day you took my hand into yours and asked me to marry you. Did I not tell you then, that life is no fairy tale, that there is only a rush of emotions and no love, that a marriage is an additional responsibility? I begged and pleaded, asked you to take your words back, you were too dear for me to lose and somehow when I made you sad, I was hurting more inside.

Over the years I learnt, to love, and that we could create our own fairy tale, that ours was truly a happily ever after. Though cracked, I was still whole, never broken; and today, after so many years you tell me, that there is no love anymore?

More than all your bitter words, what hurts more is when you say nothing at all ….

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20 thoughts on “When You Say Nothing At All…”

  1. It reminded me of something similar. Not as deep as this, but it hurts when he says “nothing at all”. Sometimes you have to speak to show every time actions are not louder than words. Words are the biggest healer in some cases.

  2. Though I know you’re in pain right now, I have to say your writing is beautiful. Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all? I think so, but it’s more important if you think so. Stay strong!
    Stephanie L.’s latest…Dear Terrific GirlMy Profile

    • Stephanie, thank you so much for the warm feedback, but this is a fictional piece of writing. But I am grateful to you for the kind words 🙂

  3. Truly WOW!! Oh yes, it hurts like hell,, when the other person says nothing at all! Once you hear their side of the story, you can at least rationalize or accept the reality, but not saying anything can be a killer!

  4. “I was happy on my own in my little world”….this is one thing I used to say to God when something happens the wrong way…

    Girl! You are talented! 🙂


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