Virus Happened


(A tale of three people, studying in the same institution, how their relationships evolve and dissolve. This is part 3, it began here at part 1)


“It is the time for her to study, and all she does is sit with her gang and teach them. As long as she learns, it’s fine. She has a good future ahead of her and Im pretty sure that the snake Chanchal is up to no good. He says he is her best friend and Bindu believes it too. Why can’t she see the damn truth is what I cannot understand!!!” Arti was fuming and pacing in the corridor, waiting for Bindu to return to her room.

“Hey sweetie, what happened? Ate too much for dinner?” quipped Bindu as she walked in to see Arti walking the lengths of the corridor.

“Virus happened”


“Yeah… he.. that virus…”

Now Bindu knew, Chanchal was the reason she was angry. “What did he do to you?”

“Not me Arti, you.. he is doing so much to you.. and you in all your goodness do not see that he is making a fool out of you.” Arti took Bindu’s keys from her hand and they walked in, hand in hand, to Bindu’s room and plonked down on the bed.

“Listen Arti…”

“No. This time you listen to me.” Arti sat down near her feet and it embarrassed her. As Bindu was pulling her leg up to keep it folded on the bed, Arti pulled it back down, “please, please let me sit here. You cannot imagine the kind of comfort I get when we are together. It’s only when with you that I do not miss my family so much.”

What he said is right? Is she really a….

“You remember last month, you had fever and could not even go down to have your food? You couldn’t even walk, that much you were shivering.”

“Yeah I do. In fact I remember how well you took care of me. You came with me to the doctor, got all my notes Xeroxed and even brought my food here. I am always grateful to you for that Arti”

“Bindu, why do you behave like this compliant little girl? He doesn’t treat you well and you know it too. When someone is kind to you, it is because you deserved to be treated well and not because they are something great. I would not even turn my head and see if that virus fell ill, fell down or even died.”

So Virus is the new name huh

“There is something known as self respect. I have friends too, I would anything for them – like you, for example. But then there are limits that are not to be crossed. I’d gladly bring a friend a cup of tea, even when we both are sitting at the same distance from the table where tea is served. The difference between you and me is that I will not go again to add some more sugar to his cup, or to wash the cup once he is done drinking. That makes you a servant and him your master. I have been sitting in the same room as you Bindu, I have seen the games he is playing on you.”


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11 thoughts on “Virus Happened”

  1. Bhavya, my fun storyteller, this is soooo cool and like Kajal said, atleast they are vocal about their feelings..want more want more.. 😀

    and dei, I am Deesnitch and I am NOT a spammer :P..
    Chumma saying.. write more Kutty 😀

  2. yes I echo the thoughts of The Little Princess…. To me now after reading both Arti and Chanchal dictating Bindu’s choice of friendship is really irritating…. They both doubt her capacity to choose people in her life as friends and surprisingly both claim to be her ‘good’ friends…They are just making it sound like Bindu is a stupid girl and has no sense of her own!!
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