Tring Tring – Ishithaa

“Tring Tring, the phone rang!!

Tring Tring
She was pacing up and down, waiting for this very moment. Yet, right now, when it felt like all the phone call would tell her if prayers had been answered, Revathi was panicking. She wrung her hands, tension was building in her.
What if they said no. Her heart would break. She had, even as a young cheeky teenager waiting desperately to fall in love, held on to this very dream, nurtured it like one would care for a baby.

Love had come and gone. In class 7, Rohan had told her he loved her. Revathi frantically looked around for violins and butterflies. She was still allergic to the red rose. Was this really love?
Rohan proved to her there was nothing called Love. Even when she stopped believing that love does not exist, that it was just a name for film-makers to make money out of, that it was the one word the boys used as a weapon to girls to touch them.

Her life had to go on. She moved on as if fully recovered from the blow life Rohan gave her.

Her wedding was their dream. Her parents wanted to see Revathi happily ‘settled’ in life with a husband to feed, clothe and provide for her, under whose shade she was supposed to thrive and bear children.
When she went home for a visit after a few months, she was at a loss of words, unable to explain the marks left by the cigarette stubs and the leather belt. Her parents sent her back home, her suitcase loaded with more gold and some property statements. As if money and land would satiate the hunger of a beast.

Her escape and the new life she had built – everything felt like a dream now, but she could still remember all the details. How he had brought a ‘society lady’ home and asked Revathi to cook for her and bathe her because she was their guest and a ‘special friend’ of his.

From then to today, she had come a long way, thanks to some true friends she made, who proved to be more understanding than her own blood relatives. She now had freed herself from the clutches of the devil, legally-emotionally-mentally, and had her own flourishing business of making lunch for the employees of the IT firm close to her rented apartment.

The long story flashed in front of her eyes as if it were a movie. It had been a difficult journey, but she had made it – almost. Everything now depended on this call.

Tring tring…the phone rang

“Hello? Who is this?” though she had a fair idea of who might be calling, she feigned ignorance.

“Hello Revathi madam? This is me, Suparna, from the Asha Sadan. Its about the application you…”

“Yes of course. What is the final decision?”

“Congrats madam. It has been approved. You can come right away if you want.”

“Oh thank you Suparnaji. I will be there in less than 30 minutes.”

Finally! She thought to herself. They’d said it would be difficult, but then finally Destiny had smiled upon her. She checked in one last time to see that everything was perfect in the room specially furnished for the daughter she would be bringing home in the afternoon. She was now a mother finally.

For the first time in her life, the tears streaming down her face were out of happiness and she did not bother to wipe them. She was a mother to a pretty princess now!

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28 thoughts on “Tring Tring – Ishithaa”

  1. WOW! Bhavya, its so nice. I thought she has bagged the order to supply food to Asha Sadan. All the best for the contest.

  2. What a beautifully written post… I loved how after so much darkness in her life finally the light at the end of the tunnel looked so bright. A sucker for happy endings, loved the post 😀

  3. It is so amazing – I sit right here – in front of my computer – and adventure with you.
    I can never know where the journey will lead – I am always surprised –

    What a talent you have – and you use it so well.
    Happy Day to You My Friend!

  4. Bhavya, the stories you write 😀 😀 😀
    Loved this one.
    I often wonder if I ever be in a situation, of abuse..what will I do.. as far as I know me, he would regret his life and I wouldve split my soul after the revenge.. But honestly how difficult it must be on a realistic level for woman to stand up, walk away and start new..


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