The Mystery Lurking In My Eyes

The Mystery Lurking In My Eyes

(This is the second and final part of the story. The first, in case you missed, is Love Like Poison )


Your ignorance was the best gift you could ever give me. For in the throes of the darkness within, during all my vain attempts to turn your gaze to fall upon me, I found a new me, one who could set her heart on anything and get it, anything, anything but you.

This emotion I felt was love, changed into something else entirely. As the taste of personal successes in my life overpowered the control you had over me, I realized that I was not that girl who would get shivers in her stomach when your hand brushed against mine in class, or who could not eat properly in the cafeteria because you were sitting on another table facing me.

The dimpled smile you gave me on Monday made me think that maybe I was beginning to lose my cloak of invisibility and that you had begun to notice me. I can easily go on and say that ‘mister you have lost your hold on me’ and pretend to work like normal. No, that would not be completely true, and yet it would not be totally false either.

In my race towards glory, I found out the feelings I developed for you were not as intense as I thought them to be, but with that smile, you won me all over again. I wanted to be with you, help you reach where you could not, be the wind beneath your wings. In the matter of a few days, you christened me your best friend, you said because of my presence in your life the grief over the loss of your girlfriend wasn’t a stabbing pain anymore. Like a love drunk honeybee, I took in each word you uttered with gusto and etched it on my heart.

Loneliness of my nights was now filled with the emotions your words created in me, those loving words carved on my heart. To the point of going crazy I idolized and worshiped you, as for you, you were always by my side, adorning me with strings of praises and garlands of love, till the point where I knew you had fallen, fallen into love deeper than me.

You were a fool if you thought I would not notice. Observing you intriguingly more and more each passing day, I noticed a pattern. How you were manipulating people with those very dimples, I could not help but wonder whether you were doing the same to your mother. You used people like tissues and the worst part being they don’t even have a clue what you are doing to them. The house of cards was blown over by a gale.

Know this, you who consider yourself the man of my dreams, this is the denouement you had been seeking. This is the mystery lurking in my eyes you were never able to comprehend. You mean nothing to me; you never meant anything to me. You are just another trophy I won. Learn that two can play at your game.

Now that I have given my ego the boost I needed by successfully making you fall in love with me, I am letting you free. No, I will not just throw you away, that is your forte and instead I am letting you free. When you leave, remember that love is not always blind, heck it need not be love always. I know from my experience that you used to have a good heart, but pretty boy, you lost it somewhere, and that is when the little devil in you began to show a bit more. It is never too late to mend your ways.

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43 thoughts on “The Mystery Lurking In My Eyes

  1. A gripping story and I felt your emotion but couldn’t help feeling that sometimes it is not so good to be bitter. We see things only from our perspective and lose sight that others have their perspective too. Was this story fiction or fact?
    Suzy’s latest…Haiku – RainMy Profile

  2. Very well-written story. when a person falls in love, he/she is head-over-heels in love but the brain has to be kept ticking and the person’s ‘dark’ side too has to be noticed. Bhavya has done the right thing in highlighting the other side of love. The way of ‘letting go’ in love is portrayed wonderfully.

  3. Bhavya,
    2 Things.
    1. i love the phrase Love Stuck Honeybee. it is Refreshing and powerful to say the least.
    2. Most of the people dont realize..they are too blinded, or feel so empty within that they let the poison fill their hearts as long as it doesnt feel empty. Your Post shows courage, awake up call, A decision made, abattle won and yet feel free.Perfect. 🙂

    • Thank you Dee… 🙂
      I think you understood all the emotions behind what I wrote… putting up a bitter face does not always mean that she hated him or used him. It might be that she decided to give herself priority over him…
      Love you for those words 🙂 🙂
      Bhavya’s latest…How Can You Forget?!My Profile

  4. first of all for me this was an unexpected end… but I really appreciate you bringing out this other side of love.. but most of all I love how aesthetically you have painted it… In my opinion a justice well done 🙂 🙂 … super work 🙂

  5. I would always want this character as my friend – she would tell the truth for sure . .

    I would never want to anger her . . . how this would hurt.
    You certainly share truth clearly.

    Love & Love,

  6. More realistic… it takes immense courage to let go… and truly expressed!

    (Dunno why but it reminded me of the character of Prithviraj in “Swapanakoodu”… :D)

  7. Bhavya bhavya this one has turned out to be bestseller. the message has been conveyed in the most surreptitious and poised form. The end of course has left us all gaping and perhaps wanting more, You can write a sequel to it as well. Have you thought about it? (Though I guess I am losing my head in my own sequels on blog 😛 )
    Richa Singh’s latest…“Its about a life you lived”- Part 13My Profile

    • Sequels are fun Richa 😀 At times more interesting and easier than thinking up 31 topics to write about 😛
      You know, in April we had the A to Z challenge and something in me prodded me to do a whole story of two people. The worst part being that we had to theme our posts from the letter A to Z by the end of the month! Phew! It was tough, but it was fun 😀

      I am enjoying your story loads 🙂
      Bhavya’s latest…How Can You Forget?!My Profile

  8. Love should never be allowed to be blind. Love is the most misunderstood word since we try to define it by our feelings and emotions. Again, as is the moral of this story, love is to be decided not by heart, but by head.

    Beautiful narration. Like your lucid style.

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