The 7 Words

The 7 Words

Corinne asked us to write a post including 7 words of her choice in under 700 words. Feeling naughty, I thought I would try and do it in less than 70 words πŸ˜€


Ò€œExpecting help from the tiny pixie that lives in a tidy den in the wild woods is much like tossing a coin into a wishing well, or sending a postcard to God, and ticking dates off the calendar waiting for the wish to be fulfilled, simply put, is shirking your responsibility.Ò€


This is in response to a contest hosted by Corinne, at WriteTribe. To join in and to get a chance to win yourself a  Flipkart Voucher for Rs.600/- for participants from India  or an Amazon Voucher for USD 10/- for overseas participants, all you need to do is, Write a piece/a story/ a poem incorporating the following  7 words in random order : postcard, coin,  tidy, wild, help, calendar, responsibility, and add your link to the linky over here. 

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56 thoughts on “The 7 Words

    • Yes they do Suzy. But IMHO, wishing alone would not serve the purpose, in addition to that we should get ourselves to work so our dreams are fulfilled.

  1. this is simply superb !
    How do people right such brilliant short stories ! scratching my head πŸ™‚

  2. Woah! Talk about a lady with few words! You give a completely new meaning to bloggers! We are usually notorious among our family and friends as being too talkative. People usually say about us that we narrate a 3-hour movie in 6 hours, if not longer. They should be made to read this post from you.
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