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As the curtain falls on the Ultimate Blogging Challenge today, July 31st 2013, those of us who have worked hard, spent sleepless nights blogging, reading and networking with fellow bloggers,  who have sneaked in to read each others’ posts during office hours, those who shelved their books because they had loads of blogs to read, can take a breather. It is now time to sit back and read those books that may have gathered dust over the last 31 days. 31 days! We blogged continuously for so long!

We had loads of different people joining in during the challenge. While Richa wrote a whole story about Radha and her relationships, Shail blogged even in the midst of all her travelling. For Shilpa, it was the sixth (gulp!) daily blogging challenge, for me, it was the second. I tried a different approach from my Asha Milan Story from April this year and came up with different posts for each day, anecdotes, book reviews and a Haiku too! To do all this and to write continuously, WriteTribe, IndiBlogger and BlogAdda helped with all their regular prompts and contests.

Corinne deserves a special mention for hosting us over at WriteTribe and we practically had a link party over there, meeting bloggers from different states and countries too, every single day in July. During this entire journey, I had the privilege of knowing and befriending some wonderful bloggers like Dee, SuKu, Pixie, Kathy, Smita, Sugandha, Tarang, Kalpana, and the LittlePrincess. Dear friends Vidya, Kajal, Cynthia, Sreedev were a big support during this entire journey. What moved my heart though, were some people close to my heart who religiously read every post, left a bit of love in the form of their comments on the posts! That is love. Thank you Meena, Sheethal 🙂

Did you take part in the UBC? How was the journey for you? What did you learn? I would love to hear from you.

What plans for August you ask? TribeWhispers is going live in August and a few friendly bloggers are all writing one story. Yes, you read that right. In bits and pieces we write one whole story! Okay, since the numbers were too many, we decided to split into two teams and so, two stories!! 😀

Meanwhile, I went and nominated myself for the IndiBlogger Awards and had resolved not to ask for any votes from anyone. Imagine my surprise when dear Corinne, Afshan and Dhiren put in kind words for me! 🙂 To read what they wrote for Ishithaa, click on the picture below.


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27 thoughts on “The 31 Days Bloggy Affair”

  1. Wow!! 31 days journey… aptly summed!!
    It was truly a rewarding experience. Enjoyed every bit of it! Loved interacting with new bloggers (new to my earlier network).
    The only drawback of such challenges is that reading books takes a back seat.
    Am looking forward to some weekly challenge now! 😀
    Shilpa Garg’s latest…UBC Day 31 : The UBC Journey from A to ZMy Profile

  2. Wow!! I can now take a breather and maybe grab a few books I’ve been wanting to read. Yes, it has been an ‘ultimate’ challenge for me where I barely slept for 5 hours everyday and to top it my office kept me on toes. Now, its done and I am glad I survived. Looking forward to some new projects now in the month of August and yes…excited about Tribe Whispers 🙂

    Thanks for the mention Bhavya…hugs!
    Rainbow Hues’s latest…Shine OnMy Profile

  3. Bhavya, Congrats for completing 31 days of blogging. We were all travellers on the journey the UBC Journey and it was a wonderful and my maiden venture. Writing posts did not consume much of the time but reading co-blogger’s post and the hands of the clock were working faster.I have dusted off some books to read.

  4. Bhavya, what do I say to you.. it was so nice connecting with you..U do not know this, but the day I told you my story that I didnt post, I healed..Thank you sooo very much …THank U..and ALl the very best to the TribeWhispers challenge girly!!lOoking forward to cheer each one of you 😀

    • You know, that day it broke my heart, but I am so happy now reading that sharing it with me had some positive impact on you. You need to know, you were one person whose comments I used to look forward to because of the energy and the warmth your words carried.
      Be here k? 😉
      Ishithaa’s latest…I Am The One Who Loves MoreMy Profile

  5. I just was wishing we all had a 2-3 days holiday together.. you know hitting a beach.. glasses of margaritas ♥ just relaxing 🙂 that is how I feel after this challenge… you know this was my first ever 😀 😀 and I loved it.. it was such a great pleasure discovering your blog….:) yes and I read about that Tribe whisper saw your name on it too…waiting to read :).. though i have been cribbing on twitter that i didn’t get a chance 🙁

    hey have a small award for you at my blog.. hope you like it 🙂
    SunitaKurup Sapru (SuKu)’s latest…♥♥Never Say Bye…It’s Always See You Again♥♥My Profile

    • SuKu, you spoke my mind, if only we could all holiday somewhere and laze around for at least 31 days for which we slogged, it would be so much fun no? 😀 😀
      Hoping to stay connected with you dear and thanks again for the award 🙂
      Ishithaa’s latest…I Am The One Who Loves MoreMy Profile

  6. That was a fabulous round up! Whew!! We deserve a pat on our back and a huge party!! 😀
    And thank you for the kind words!! I’m very glad that I discovered your blog too!!

  7. Its August 1st and I am buzzing around reading all the concluding posts now. They all bring such a wide smile to my face. I almost feel a bit overwhelmed to see me and my story being featured with such kind words. Makes my day really. And yes to actually complete it along with you guys is such a fun journey. Love you Bhavya for always being there on my blog reading my story and always leaving wonderful comments. Meena told me how you people even discussed my story’s end (which most people were uncomfortable with 😀 ) and somehow I forgot the part where you didn’t agree with the end and thought wow these people are discussing my story, like they are taking back my writing. I felt soooo happy 🙂 Thanks a lot 🙂

    And thanks for the publicity of tribe whispers 😀 😀 we are going to rock this one too!!!
    Richa Singh’s latest…Its like you know me better than me as wellMy Profile

    • You know Richa, going around reading the closing posts of UBC makes me feel like i’m attending the farewell function in college 😛
      Yeah Meena n I did discuss in depth about Sushant Radha and that cutie pie Arti. You know what that says? It says what a wonderful story teller you are, to be able to get people to talk about your writing. Congratz to you lady… 😀 😀
      Ishithaa’s latest…I Am The One Who Loves MoreMy Profile

    • Yes Smita, it was lovely and a heady journey. I had fun getting to know you more and the books you reviewed and your sloooooooooooowwww neighbor 😛 😀


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