Story Of The Handwriting

Story Of The Handwriting

I used to dread the day whenever an assignment was due. Mainly because of two reasons, one because I had shifted schools and was unhappy with my school so much that I refused, simply refused – to study, to do homework and all the other routine schoolkid chores, and the second reason was my handwriting – to come right to the point, it was pathetic.

My mother has an absolutely beautiful script and I always love to read whatever she writes, so much so that I always relate the word calligraphy to her handwriting. She was popular in her office for her beautiful handwriting and everyone knew her by the curves and the loops in her alphabets. Now, to this lady is born Me, whose notebooks look like ants dipped in a bottle of ink have scurried about. It was pathetic, and embarrassing.

In my 7th standard began my redemption. There came a teacher who taught something I liked, who spoke things I loved, and who cared for even unruly kids like me. No prizes for guessing what she taught. Yeah, English.

What happened later I do not know, but I do know the end result. I changed, my handwriting changed, yeah it actually began to look decent. What I did not know was, my handwriting began to look like hers, I copied her style unknowingly so much so that even she remarked once that I wrote exactly like her, the dots on the i’s and the j’s, the loops of the f’s and the g’s, all of it.

But then, as I grew up and my school-life progressed, my handwriting continued to evolve. Every year, there would be a teacher who would inspire me, move me or touch me in ways no other teacher had, and every time a teacher like that crossed my path, I took something from them, rather they passed on a bit of themselves to me. It has mostly been in the form of handwriting for me, and now when I think of it, they have always been English teachers.

Today, I like my handwriting. It may not be very pretty, but its legible and I do get positive feedback about my script. But my reasons are different, for me, it is a symbol of those great teachers who have touched me, and moulded me into what I am today.

Is there a story to your handwriting? I would love to hear it.

As I was reading Meena’s post today on how a teacher helped improve her handwriting, I was reminded of my own story, and hence this post. Don’t listen to her if she says hers is not a pretty one, ask me, I love it. Absolutely. But don’t tell her that I love it all the more because it resembles mine a lot.

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38 thoughts on “Story Of The Handwriting

  1. LOL Bhavya! But yea my handwriting stopped evolving then n there ;). I will wait to c a sample of urs now 🙂

    • Do you have a paper and a pen nearby? Write “Spirit” on it. Thats exactly how I would write it. The S really curvy and tall, the i’s have little rounds above them instead of the dots, p would plunge really low and the t would be tall. Exactly like yours 😉

    • Yes Vidya. I am blessed to have had the fortune of having such great teachers. But what I am still amazed at is, all of them were English teachers, not even Hindi, but English.

  2. I have always been proud of my handwriting….. my mom says when I write, I look a little lost into my own world, smiling to myself and write with love (whatever that means!) but yea i’m passionate about writing well, about my strokes and curves… And luckily my elder one’s taken after me, he has a lovely handwriting too!
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  3. Such a pleasant read! 🙂
    My handwriting was transformed from the crooked, dirty, illegible one to decent and a neater version by mommy darling! she used to sit and make sure I write clean and clear. Maybe I used to hate it then, but now I am grateful, for sure 🙂
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  4. We’ve all forgotten the fine art of handwriting, haven’t we, Bhavya? I found mine going south, until I’ve recently begun to write again with a fountain pen.
    About the teacher – some of them stand out in our minds and hearts! ♥
    Corinne Rodrigues’s latest…To My Inner CriticMy Profile

  5. Ditto story. I don’t remember whether my handwriting was so terrible. But I used to copy my favourite teachers handwriting too…. and now its a combination of do many people handwriting.

  6. This post does remind me of my favorite teachers in school and incidentally all of them were English teachers too. Nice post to remember the school days. I had a decent hand writing and won a few rewards too in school…now after continuously working on computers seemingly my writing has lost its flow.
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  7. I have a pretty nice handwriting too and it was my English teacher who encouraged me and helped evolve how I wrote! 🙂
    I still scribble on pen and paper and think its the best way to write! 😀

    • My thoughts exactly Richa. English is such an important part of our life that we remember a lot of things that are even vaguely related to the language.
      I’m glad I could be helpful 😀

  8. What’s the opposite of “evolve”? That’s what has happened to my handwriting over the years. It was never very artistic even in school, but ever since fountain pens became non-mandatory and ball-point pens were allowed in school, my handwriting went for a downward spin. Icing on the cake was applied by the email-and-chat era. Now, even shopping lists are being made as memos in phones. So God knows what’s going to happen in the future! 😛
    Chicky a.k.a. Kaddu’s latest…Saying ‘No’My Profile

    • In the case of handwriting, the opposite of evolve might as well be ‘dissolve’. Because that is what is happening these days like you pointed out, ever since the are of the chats and the SMSes began.

  9. To begin with I had a beautiful handwriting. Many people, even friends of my dad would tell him when he would take my letters to post, that my handwriting was beautiful. I was the official address writer on the envelopes for the letters my family would send. But I am afraid, it is not that beautiful any more. I remember when I would sit for exams, I would start with beautiful handwriting but towards the end of those 2 -3 hours it would transform into something else ha ha!
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    • Exams have that weird impact on us. The teacher who checks our paper might begin to wonder if the same person has written on the first and the last pages 😀

  10. Handwriting…hmm…mine can be read but it is not at all beautiful…contrary to my mother’s. Hers is like a clear times new roman font with perfect character spacing and width. I have tried and still try (mostly in vain) to copy her…So, I am thankful for a keyboard and anything that will portray my words in any way I like!

    Two other things that I would like to mention:
    1) Wish this post was handwritten …or at least there was a picture of your handwriting…that would have made it even better…

    2) Graphology…they say you can say one’s character from handwriting. If that is true, then I would say the teachers moulded your character and not just your handwriting…what do you think??

    Aanyways…loved it!

    • Thank you for that comment Aparna. I agree completely to the point on my teachers moulding my character… as I grow older, I notice small things that I do, that are so much like those teachers I love. 🙂
      Thank you 😀

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