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It happens very rarely that I get emotional watching an ad, but this one did it for me.

If you understood the lyrics, I guess I don’t have to say much more, but since I’m obsessed about this particular ad, I will 😉

It is about a little village where rivers of milk flow, where the cuckoos soothe your senses with their melodious music. When the singer says khush rahe tera beta beti, one cannot but think of the omnipresence of the brand Amul and the joy and smiles it brings into our homes – maybe because of the milk that helps make a perfect cup of tea, the ice-creams that we devour or the cheese/paneer that make love to our taste buds. See the smile on the lady’s face when the boy very happily drinks up his glass of milk?

Amul has not only brought wealth to this little village, as suggested by mhare ghar jhanjar lakshmi ke baaje (meaning the anklets of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth tinkle in our homes) but also helped improve the quality of life of these people from Anand in Gujarat. The girl taking the photo of a young boy delving into an Amul ice-cream and the lady using a computer did not mean much to my friends when I pointed it out to them, but it spoke volumes to me – how the women there have gained economic independence, how technology has become their friend and how they can access something like a mobile phone with a camera.

Every time this ad plays, I tear up. Somehow, it speaks to me of the struggles of their forefathers, the wave of revolution that happened and how the world today is a better place for those milk producers in Gujarat.

You can watch this video to know the Amul story or read it over here.

Every day, we come across so many different advertisements by different brands. It is not an easy task for an advertiser to catch your attention in the right manner. Some ads you remember because they are controversial, some because they are offensive, some because they are hilarious, some because of the message it conveys and some others simply because of the emotional/psychological connect the ad made with you. What is an ad that you remember and why?

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20 thoughts on “The Story In The Ad”

  1. So I guess emotionally connecting to an ad is not so weird after all…I guess its time to come out of the closet…
    I always connected to that Dhara ad…about Jalebis….

  2. Hey, I love this ad too…and there are so many others one can relate to…but I don’t want to mention them here and take away from this one!! Its an amazing one indeed. Thanks for the reminder, Bhavya.

  3. Yes, this ad is really touching. There are some ads that remain in our hearts forever. I liked ICICI ad where a girl buys a toffee from a remote shop..and I like Vodafone ads and some more…:)

    Also there are many meaningless and illogical ads that irritate.
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  4. I am an ardent fan of Amul and love most of its products. I share all the Amul Baby cartoons and look forward to it. But the man behind the ‘white revolution’ , Dr. J.Kurien should be saluted. The women of Anand ow their economic independence to this one man. Another ad that I loved in childhood was the ‘Hamara Bajaj’ ad.

  5. I had never seen that ad before 😀 … but it is true how we connect to some ads… for few days I kept watching that Dileep and Amitabh’s Kalyan jewels ad .. that was really very touching 🙂 🙂

    About amul and the white revolution… i had prepared an entire project and called it that ‘milky way’ … so yeah this is really close to heart ♥
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  6. I at once remarked on the fact that they have cell phones and internet access. I hope that is truly the case!
    I did also note that there were schoolboys at the first part of the ad but the only girl was with the women and not in school clothes. 🙁 I wish that they change that somehow!!
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