The flip side of the monsoon, which by the way is my favourite season, is that it gets people to think a lot, and they think up the most unhappy things about themselves. Even when told that they are better than they give credit to themselves for, they just don’t want to believe you. At times it feels like they are addicted to pain because whatever solution you offer them, they are just not even willing to see if it would work, instead they choose to sit and cry over it.

If something hurts so bad, why not get up and do something about it. When someone offers you help, why not appreciate the effort they are putting to making you feel better. When you’re given reasons to smile, at least don’t turn away from them.

Please, no matter what is happening in your life, do not forget to smile! There is always something to smile about.. maybe a friend who stood by you, maybe a stranger who smiled at you or the innocence of a child that fills you with love. There is always a reason to smile!


Smile Please :)
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28 thoughts on “Smile”

  1. If on a bad day , there is nothing to smile about, then too smile for tomorrow would be a good/better day. A smile is a curve tha sets straight things, so 🙂

    • I know what you are saying. I have been trying it myself, to smile when life tries to make faces at you… it is difficult, but not impossible 🙂

  2. So true Molu.
    it is just that at those times, we need to see positive to make us smile.. I am a hardcore optimist..but depending on frequency of migraine attacks..I do sink into depression.. what makes me smile then is goodness of human heart..It neednt have anything to do with me..just seeing people do good feels like the happy hand is outstretched to take me out of it 😀

  3. sometimes that reason to smile can be a wonderful fellow blogger who brings up such amazing write ups which makes you realise that yes there will always be a something on blogosphere to make you happy. Bhavya its your whole view of writing simply and effortlessly that quite impresses me 🙂
    Richa Singh’s latest…“To move on with my life”- Part 14My Profile


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