Shadow Of A Smile


“No Priya, just don’t!!  You are fighting just for the sake of irritating me. Unless you have something valid to tell me, don’t try to pick fights with me”

“But Raj, listen, I don’t want to fight. I mean I want to, but that’s not the reason I’m arguing with you. We have been together for so many years and you still don’t understand why I do certain things.”

There it was, the slightest shadow of a smile.

He needed no more clues, he was sure now. Raj wrapped up Priya in his arms and walked off towards the room…

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19 thoughts on “Shadow Of A Smile”

  1. So, right now I am the absolute clueless guy like character, so tell me, he walked off because? and where?. I am so sorry but I don’t get it 🙁

    • Umm she and he were fighting na.. in between she tried to give him a smile, so he understood what she meant. He picked her up in her arms and walked towards the room… he did not walk off alone 😉
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  2. How often does this kind of miscommunication happened. I am happy someone picked up the cues and gave the attention that was ultimately needed, and or wanted!


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