I Am The One Who Loves More


(Continued from Arti, Bindu, Chanchal I am attempting to retell the story of three friends and their relationships changed with time. Do let me know what you think about these characters, do you think they are justified in what they say? and do?)

“Stop it yaar Arti.” Bindu got up to leave.

“Okay okay.. I will stop. But listen to me once more. I know he says a lot of mean things about me, don’t deny it. I have heard it more than once myself. And your friends, they too speak no good of me I know. What I don’t understand is, why don’t you think for yourself and try to understand who is right and who is not. In my defense, I can say a lot of things like who was the one who looked after you when you were sick, who was the one who stayed up with you the nights you could not sleep? Was it them? No right? Then why do you always defend them, and never me? Do you know what happens to me when you just let people blame me for things I have not done? No, you will not. Because you do not know. Because between us, unfortunately I am the one who loves more.”

Love, did she realize that was the word she used? So is she really a les…

“Hey listen Arti, calm down. I’m sorry I never took your side and let them hurt you. Honestly I did not know how to react to the allegations they were making.”

“But you knew that you have to defend that Chanchal when I said how he was playing with your life. You know why I call him virus? Because he is exactly that. He has entered your system and started ruining everything. He wants to spoil our relation too. Do you think he loves you Bindu? He does not. He has no courage to accept that he needs you, but always pretends that it is you who needs him. Believe me; you won’t need him or anybody else as long as I’m with you.”

“Ohh Arti, please don’t cry dear. I did not mean to hurt you in any way…”

“It’s okay just leave me alone Bindu. I’m not crying because you hurt me, I’m crying because you are going to fall for this guy, and when you do, he will not be there for you dear. I know these types of men, I have seen more than enough of these people in my life. You please be strong and remember that as  long as you need me I will be there for you.”

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