Everyone’s True Colors


(Continued from Arti, Bindu, Chanchal I am attempting to retell the story of three friends and how their relationships changed with time. Do let me know what you think about these characters, do you think they are justified in what they say? and do?)

10 years have passed after college.

The big fight that broke out during the last semester kind of sealed things for the trio forever and it kind of revealed everyone’s true colors. None of them could adjust with each other and picked up silly reasons to fight. Bindu could not handle all the pain her so called best friends were giving her and decided to call it quits.

Arti did turn out to be a lesbian in the end and when Bindu said that they could not marry each other for obvious reasons, Arti was heartbroken and quit college. After long sessions of counseling to pull her back to life from depression, her family was successful in getting her to complete her course. She is today a writer, writing on gender issues and sexuality.

Chanchal showed more prospect and came to the extent of proposing to Bindu for the sole reason that he would never be able to live without her, that even his wife would never understand him as much as she did. Bindu knew that all the things he was saying was right, but somehow, to her it did not make much sense and she, being a total dreamer and believer in fairy tales, said that she could not marry for any reason other than love. She convinced Chanchal successfully that what was between them was never love, it was just friendship which he had gotten addicted to. Soon, he found himself a pretty young showcase-wife with whom he could strut around as much as he wanted and he soon forgot all about Bindu much to her relief.

Life has changed so much. People whom she thought she could live without, are not even there in her life anymore. Time has healed almost all the wounds and has given her new reasons to be happy. She who always used to find happiness in others, has now finally learnt to appreciate and love herself and that unless she is happy with who she is, she would not have much happiness and love to give to those who need. Bindu is today running a successful business, is a consultant to many marketing firms and is an irrefutable reason behind the success of many a brand and is leading a happy life with her prince charming she met during one of her business meets.

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8 thoughts on “Everyone’s True Colors

  1. True, relationships change over a period of time. The deep emotions that you shared once can be washed out with time. You can’t change anyone. People only change if and when they want to change. Since all the 3 friends stuck to their thoughts and prejudices, this would had been the natural progression of their friendship.
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  2. So true. Realization sets you free.. I am soooo glad she didnt allow herself to be leeched by others who loved her cuz they needed her, not cuz they truly loved her..Had they indeed, they wouldnt have torn her apart, the way they did. Thank U for such an amazing level headed ending 😀

  3. Wow Bhavya the story turned out to be such a beautiful diatribe on human behavior. I actually found it very good considering the fact that its real! There is a woman who underwent this ordeal of being split between two people she considered her best friends but they loved her. And not just any ordeal, with a homosexual as one of the contenders things must be strange. Thanks a lot for sharing such stories for us sweetie 🙂
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  4. vow!! the story really ended so well with Bindu realising that ‘She’ was the most important person in her life 🙂 🙂 .. a superb story, kept me hooked and loved the flow of thoughts 🙂
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  5. I read the whole story and I’m so relieved Bindu got rid of both those characters and found herself, Bhavya! They were too busy fighting over her – and she was too busy trying to be a peacemaker – never works! 😉
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