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Two writers Patrick and Varsha began their own tales in two different corners of the blogiverse. Wonderful Corinne, prompted us over at WriteTribe  to continue the story from where they left us. I couldn’t pick between the stories and decided to combine both. Do let me know what you think :) 


“Jose, are you coming or not? I need to visit father today. The only choice you have is between letting me go alone and coming with me.” An impatient Maria tried her best to get her brother to accompany her and threatening him was her last resort. She was secretly hoping that he would comply as deep in her heart, she was afraid of going into a mental asylum all by herself.

“But he is in an asylum Maria, for Christ sakes! Understand that nothing could go wrong there. The people there take care of the inmates very well” Jose was almost pulling his hair out now. Why couldn’t his sister understand that he did not want to even meet an insane ex-cop, even if he was their father!

“Exactly! He is in the asylum!! How can you be so sure the crazy people would not try to harm him?” Maria was now giving him the puppy dog look as he called it. It was a trap his sister set for him. Every time she looked at him like that, he would comply to her wishes, he just could not resist that look.

“Oh and do you think anyone will tell him in advance that on the  5th of July I’ll come to beat you up? You sound as crazy as father was before he was taken away.” Jose glared at Maria.

After he spoke the last sentence he realized that it had hurt her deeply. Guilt pricked at his heart and as if seeking redemption, he agreed to go with her.

Passing the valley of the rubber plantations, they were heading towards the place where their father was since exactly last two years. They would not admit to each other, but both of them were thinking about the day when their father was taken away. He was obsessed with his job which in turn ruined his life. Everywhere he looked, he saw murderers and conniving thieves, beasts and unknown spirits. His condition worsened and they had to admit him to an asylum.


Francis got up early, and asked his maid, to get him fresh clothes as he was expecting visitors. It was the 5th of July and she would never miss to come on this day… his birthday. They always met on his birthday no matter where they were. He rushed through the morning ablutions and put on the fresh green overalls the maid had left on his bed. They were all he had now.


“Please go faster Jose”

“What is wrong with you Maria? We’ll be there in a while. Don’t get on my nerves.” Jose held his tongue before he lost his temper.


“Mr. Francis, you’re next”
His maid had begun to order him around. He needs to ask his daughter to find him someone else, he made a mental note before he went with the nurse.

Where was she leading him to? Why were these people looking at him as if he was the murderer? He should find more clues; prove to these people that the real murderer was still at large.


Maria and Jose were taken to the examination room where their father would be waiting. The sight that met their eyes shocked them. Their father was brandishing a scalpel and seemed to be threatening to hurt anyone who came close to him. He attacked the doctor who entered with them, and blood came gushing out from his face.

“My daughter…!!! Ohh your beautiful face… there is blood!! Oh daddy is sorr”

Before he could complete the sentence Jose hit him on the head with the blood pressure monitor.

The last image Francis saw was that of Jose and his ghastly eyes mocking him, before falling passing out.



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