“Such a difficult choice, a career that’s already taking off in full steam or a relationship where there’re hints of happy endings,”

“Why do I always have to choose between two important things? Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too? What! Who would prevent me from eating a cake when I already have it?”

With a severe shaking of her head, as if to empty her head of these complicating thoughts which always left her in a maze without an exit, Linda poured herself a cup of coffee, making up her mind to reach an amicable solution.


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30 thoughts on “Choice

  1. Linda sounds like Asha? Or is that just me?

    Career vs. relationship – is that only a choice put in front of girls…I wonder aloud…

    • Oh Cynthia, thank you for liking and remembering my Asha.
      But no, I was not planning to write a story this time. Maybe a series of stories, on different topics and people 🙂

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