Arti, Bindu, Chanchal


Arti and Bindu lived in rooms at the opposite ends of the main corridor that ran along the first floor of their hostel. They got along really well. It felt like something clicked when they met. Time seemed to stand still for Arti and she was really happy on getting Bindu as her friend. As time passed by they became thick friends, they were even called inseparable by a few. The only thing, rather person they ever argued about was Chanchal. He seemed to be the only bone of contention between the two.

Bindu and Chanchal were in the same class and were pretty close friends which is exactly what irked Arti more. Bindu was at her wits end to get both these people to like each other but failed miserably whenever she tried. As a last attempt, she tried to get them both to sit with her for dinner. The whole atmosphere on the table was gloomy, as if there were thunderstorms waiting to vent their fury. So suffocating it was, that Arti and Chanchal got up to leave, but in a few minutes Arti came to sit with her as she couldn’t stand the sight of Bindu having to eat alone when she was in the same room.

Though it was Chanchal who she expected would come to her, Bindu was happy to see that Arti came and sat with her. She had made it pretty clear to both her friends that she absolutely hated to eat alone in the mess hall.

What was it about that guy that over these two people, she secretly liked him a bit more that Arti?

(This is a real incident, which has occurred in one of the places I have been. Names, some situations etc have been modified to fit into the story. I really don’t have time to finish the whole story as I’m travelling, but this story is far from over.)

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  1. Bhavya, God made me a cheese stuck between two pieces of bread and become a sandwich, in every phase of my life.. I dont even get I a magnet that attracts opp poles which they try to attach at the same opp pole.Wait that just sounds wrong.. Waiting to read the story ahead…I might get a clue how to deal with such situations.. Oye.. U should have started writing this story earlier na..dont end it soon..Maybe I will ask for another month long challenge 😛 😛 😛

    • I know that feeling Dee. We are people who can get along with any type of people, but the ones around seem unable to cope up 😛
      No need of a month long challenge, this is not that big a story. Honestly, if it were not for people like you reading and commenting, I would have got bored of typing this 😛 😀
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  2. I have not been really in a situation like this before… not that i can recollect of.. but yeah seems pretty complicated to get together 2 people who don’t like each other to.. but why is Bindu wanting Arti to like Chanchal.. she can leave it like that no??
    SunitaKurup Sapru (SuKu)’s latest…ChillasMy Profile

  3. Most of my friends dislike my other friends. While I see the commonalities, they don’t, and often, they are not talking to each other, or they don’t use the same kinds of language, so they don’t connect. Matchmaking is never a good idea. Let people get on as they will.
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  4. Ha! This could have been my story with a few twists and turns!!
    When I was in college, I had a friend S – she was my best-est friend! She had a friend A, who was kind of cute and a nice guy. We did become friends.
    But, when S and I had a falling apart, he chose to be her friend and not mine. I lost 2 friends that evening.

    But, they are now happily married with a cute kid – so, when I look back – it was all for the best 🙂


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