The kid is unbelievable…. you leave him alone for one moment and when you come back, you’re blessed if the home is still standing. It being intact is out of question, you’ll find his diaper on the ceiling fan, the walls painted with any colour he could lay his hands on, the books and magazines all ‘read’ by him and arranged ‘neatly’ on the coffee table.




Meet Mr. Aagney, rather, meet his hand – fresh after a hectic job of painting the walls blue. His mother and father say, the wild streak in him came because of his name, and because of the person who chose his name aka Me 😉

Well well, what can I say 😛


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48 thoughts on “Aagney”

  1. What a wonderful way to capture all of these exasperating yet sweet memories! What a joy it will be to share your posts about him when he grows up. I bet he’ll even ask you to show him the picture of his blue hand again and again!

  2. When I was around eight, my father once took me to a job site (he was working construction at the time) and I decided to draw a giant big smiley face in one of the stairwells with a magic marker–I figured that it was ok; they hadn’t painted that hallway yet. My father was not happy, for it was not safe to do. Turns out that magic marker bleeds though paint, therefore they had to replace the section of plaster that I ruined.
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  3. Bhavya, It is soooo much fun troubling the Mommy and getting on her nerves.. However My Kid is going to get a spanking if he/she ever inherits my prankster hyperactive genes…
    U are an awefum Mommy Bhavya.. U express with Words and he with his colors and craziness… Lovely Na .. Happy Sunday 😀
    If I were your neighbor I wouldve taught him a few tricks more ..Maybe I wouldve had to shift after he pulled those on you and you found out the source..but it wouldve been fun to see your reaction..record it and gift it to him on his 18th birthday ..as his video certificate of AMAZING Feats 😀 😀 😀

  4. One of the best posts!!! And the cutest part of it would be the mom looking with her mouth wide open moment, and laughing non stop the very next moment, when she sees “his diaper on the ceiling fan…”. Keep writing more <3

  5. I am already in love with Aagney coz I myself was a naughty child, I was not the hyperactive one but used to find out about different things through my own experience which obv turned out to be disasters… nd btw nice name too.


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