He is the first person I look at when I wake up.

He is the first one I talk to everyday.

He is the first one I hug and cuddle in the morning.

The guy is quiet, observant yet absent minded, taller than me and pampers me a lot. At social functions and family get-togethers, the people we meet are always amazed by the queer combination we make. He is tall, lanky and quiet. I am round (to put it subtly), talkative and hyper active. He is the studious nerdy types, while I’m the one you will see listening to loud music and jumping up and around with the kids from the neighbourhood.

The guy is as quiet as a sloth, always glued onto the book he is reading or the game he is playing. But, the moment I am in the room and pose a question he is all ears, he runs around until the errand I assigned is tackled properly, and then assumes his sloth like behavior again. Even our parents pull out their hair when they have to get an answer out of him, but I suspect they are just jealous of us.

He is not very expressive – neither with his words, nor in his actions.

He has his own way of petting me, hugging and giving a peck on the cheek while I’m all about to step out of the house. My day just is not perfect if I miss my daily dose of love from my darling brother.

These small gestures fill me up with life, love and positivism. You cannot but agree with Winnie the Pooh that, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” 


This is written in response to The Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt # 7



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22 thoughts on “He

  1. The not so expressive are the most lovable ones, whereas the over-expressive ones may be entirely different from what we think about them. Great post as always. 🙂 And yea, loving and caring brothers are hard to find. Lucky you have one!

  2. Every word shows the love and the bond u share

    Aah I miss my home and my bro too
    A day doesn’t go by with out remembering them! 🙁

  3. ‘These small gestures fill me up with life, love and positivism’
    So true Bhavya….:) Siblings are a blessing!!

  4. Bhavya, what an amazing loving brother… Truly blessed you both are to have each other to complement.. God Bless such love… Loved your post..Did you share it with him yet? How did he react? 😀
    Deesnitch’s latest…Sometimes.My Profile

    • Thank you 🙂
      He smiled, which spoke to me more than his words… and then mum n dad were complaining that the guy was strutting around the house saying sis wrote about me 😀 😛

  5. The bond between a brother and sister is for keeps.

    When I got pregnant the second time, I wanted to keep the unplanned baby because I wanted my daughter to have family. Knowing how happy I am when I am with my brothers, I wanted her to have the same option.
    Ava’s latest…The price you pay – Somnath BatabyalMy Profile

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