From The Wrong Side

The day had started so wrong.

That morning, when he woke up, strangely enough he got out of the bed from the wrong side. He had never done that previously, he was always so particular about getting up from the same side of the bed for so many years now. Yet, he had done it today – purposefully. Why? He had no answers. Who was to tell what was to follow during the day.

In between all the running around in the house doing the early morning chores and cooking, his wife reminded him that he had to leave early today on account of some client who insisted on meeting him over breakfast. Maybe his wife doesn’t cook well, and this could be a good way to ensure he got a good breakfast. Seething in anger because ever since he was married, he had never had breakfast without his wife seated at the same table, he pulled up the socks and called out to his wife that he was ready and would leave in another fifteen minutes.

The meeting, surprisingly, went very well, Even if he had missed having his breakfast with his ‘better half’. The client was happy with all the work his company had been doing and wanted to further their relationship by becoming a strategic partner. Why then was he still mulling over the side of the bed he woke up from? What was the evil that was looming large on him?

God how he hated changes, be it the amount of sugar in his tea or the amount of rice he was served for dinner.

Breaking the outrageous flow of his thoughts, the phone rang.

Snatching the receiver from the cradle, he barked in a quick hello.

“Dad! It’s me”

“Ha! No wonder” he thought. Getting up from the wrong side of the bed was nothing. It was his daughter, and she NEVER called, fearing that he would pester her with the questions regarding her marriage. She was all of 32 now, and ran away at the mere mention of marriage.

“How come you’re calling me? Isn’t it me who is supposed to call you?”

“Dad, I called you to share a news. I found someone and we are coming home to meet you tonight.”


This is my post, in response to the WriteTribe Prompt
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34 thoughts on “From The Wrong Side”

  1. Imagine a gentleman who prefers to begin the day with his “Better Half.”
    perhaps this would be a special person . . I wonder if he will find this “different side of the bed morning” – brings happy magic into his day . . .

    You always give us “happy magic” with your writing.
    Thank You
    Brilliant Day to You!!!

  2. Left side, right side, or straight, no matter how you wake up, your days will be good or bad depending on how you want them to be. Good post as always! Keep writing more and more!

  3. Your Story is thought provoking all throughout.. This guy is a control freak, wonder what will happen when he meets this guy..
    Bhavya.. I know this is a follow up of prompt..but can U continue the story..I am interested to know.. What in your mind happened later…
    Deesnitch’s latest…That moment when . . .My Profile

  4. hehe
    Every one on call is getting a surprise han… foto ka jaadoo to dekho 😛

    Loved ur take on the prompt bhavz

  5. Look at this guy! Feeling bad for not being able to have breakfast with his wife. How sweet. 🙂
    I hope the day never comes when my Dad is surprised to hear from me, or when I’m surprised to hear from my son.

  6. Nice ending! I hardly ever follow any routine…at least I do follow general routines for the family because it is inevitable, but never thought about the right side/wrong side of a bed! 🙂 Sometimes, it’s nice to see what life throws at you instead of trying to regulate it all the time!


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