Fighting The Darkness

She was in a tunnel. Darkness, all consuming darkness was all around her. All her life, she was warring with this very same darkness, trying hard to not let it grow roots within her soul.

Today was different.

It was increasingly difficult for her to war back. The noise around her was strangling her, her breathing was becoming increasingly erratic, the darkness was so bright she tried to shut her eyes to get it out of her.

All in vain.

She tried to visualize herself at a place where she had been once before, a place which held happy memories, which always cheered her up, no matter how sour her mood was. It was not working today, no matter how hard she tried to paint a pretty picture in her mind, the hues of darkness always crept up.

Maybe, it was wise to let go and let the darkness bypass her, not letting it overwhelm her. Maybe all wars were not meant to be battled out.

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8 thoughts on “Fighting The Darkness

  1. Would this world be awesome – if we all thought – not all wars were meant to be battled out?? What is most of us decided NOT to do battle – to choose something different – and allow the war to become lonely – and give war a chance to choose again, too . . .

    Happy Day!

  2. Signed DQ should be ur tagline :-P! But good one…. i can see tht darkness almost descending on her…

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