Birthday Wish

There once was a little girl, who always felt unloved for and uncared for. She always thought the people around her rebuked her for anything and everything she did. She never knew the warmth of a loving touch, the kindness in the spoken word, as a result grew up to be an insecure little girl, and soon grew up to be an insecure young lady. So much that, she wouldn’t look people in the eyes, she wouldn’t look into the mirror and she increasingly embraced silence even when she had things to say.

In this miserable life, she made a couple of friends, who stood by her despite all the stupidity she indulged in. For they saw in her, that glimmer of talent, of beauty and a good heart, which only required some polishing. They stood by her no matter how hard she pushed them away, and they always pushed her to explore herself further- to take that extra step, to break the silence and to open up to life.

They showed her how much better she was, how capable she was, how loved and cared for she was. Slowly, banking on the faith her friends had in her, she began to stand up and face life. Holding onto their hands, she took baby steps and began to dream. She dreamt of her life and took small but sturdy measures to build that life for her friends more than for herself.

Today, on her 32nd birthday, when her dream project would be launched, she would dedicate it to those very friends who had held her hands through the walk of life.

This semi-fictional post is my entry to the Writer’s Post Thursday Blog Hop #81


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29 thoughts on “Birthday Wish”

  1. In each one of us, guess there is a little portion of that insecurity and some awesome people to guide us out of all that.

    Nice piece of writing. 🙂

  2. Finding a true friend is like finding a gem in the deepest mud.
    No matter how you dig and got your hands dirty, still, the moment you found it is priceless beyond word. Indescribable, unbelievable, unpredictable and yet a precious thing that is worth a thousand memory.

    <3 u dear ..

    • So very true you are Namitha. I mean, we are really blessed to be surrounded by people who stand by us through all the ups and downs of life… especially the downs. 🙂

    • Thank you for the sweet comment, and wow! You do remember Asha. That says a lot… thank you 🙂

      I am so happy that your comments reached me too 🙂


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