Your Call

You found this letter so late because I never posted –  you were always so busy – at the office with work and at home with your sons and Mrinalini.

Ever since your baba left, I have been very lonely, with no one to share my stories and agonies with. Every Sunday I made your favourite snacks and waited, hoping against hope that you would come. But neither did you come, nor did your call.

Know this, whether in heaven or hell, I still love you and you’ll be my darling no matter what and will be looking over you always.


This piece is written for 100 Words On Saturday 11 Prompt: YOUR CALL hosted by Corinne at her blog EveryDayGyaan 

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32 thoughts on “Your Call”

  1. Oh! It is so sad when children get busy in their own lives and forget all about the parents!! And they just keep hoping for that call or that knock on the door…
    Lovely take on the prompt, Bhavya!

  2. You have expressed the true sentiments and emotions of the elderly people. If parents have children and yet feel lonely, the children are loosing a great opportunity of being with their parents. The value of parents is known to those who have lost them being busy.

  3. This is a reality for so many. But someday they go through it too – karma eventually catches up with all of us. Very touching post.

  4. Very touching post! Living close to an old age home, I can easily understand the emotions of those people who are left to live in loneliness and depression as they get old.


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