Quiet Conversations

It was going on for quite a few weeks now. The lady and her husband were always talking in hushed tones, alert and looking around to ensure no one was eavesdropping.
Being tiny has its own benefit; I can hide safely behind the lady’s thick curtains and listen.
The quiet conversations between the kind lady and her rude husband had increased ever since they had brought in that gagged little girl. Will she join with the rest of us slaves or be sold off to that bearded man who had come to look at her when they brought her home?

This post is in response to Corinne’s prompt at Everyday Gyaan for the 100 Words on Saturday blog hop she is hosting.

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  1. Being very extravagant with words which scares off readers.. I am really spell bound with your strong story and message which has been weaved in 100 words. I have to learn from you.


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