Prarthna : The Story of An Angel

I can still vividly remember those long years we spent in prayers and offerings to different Gods from different places and faith, in the hope of a miracle in our own lives. The sleepless nights spent trying and crying over our failed attempts of having our own child, the endless questioning by the relatives as to whose fault it was, the branding by the older generation as the young modern couple who did not want progeny – all those were still fresh in our minds. The wounds had taken some time to heal, but heal they did.
Attending birthday celebrations or naming ceremonies of new born babies was definitely fun, but both of us would carry home that dull ache in our hearts, trying to hide it from each other with false smiles or paltry excuses of an aching head. It was when we had reached a point when we had lost all our hope that we were told by a friend about the infertility treatment options available at the Apollo Hospital. Neither the hospital, nor the treatment options were new to us. We had already tried an infertility treatment at one of the premier hospitals in the city without any favourable outcome, but somehow, this time we felt pushed by our parents to at least visit the hospital and decide before rejecting it outright.
And thus began our tryst with Apollo. We were made to undertake various examinations and tests, given counseling and emotional support, and were observed closely for any erratic cycles or test reports. We were made aware of our own bodies and were given basic hints on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. With the assisted reproductive technology employed to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant seemed to have worked in our favour. We saw a tiny blob on the monitor when the doctor was scanning my wife’s abdomen, which he said would grow and grow until it became our first child. We were so happy and were not even attempting to hide the tears that were flowing freely from our eyes. It was as if God had directly come to us in the garb of a doctor and gifted us our little angel.
Thinking back, the journey was definitely long, but amazingly, we were going strong. The doctors, the nurses other staff- all were extremely good to us and were very supportive. They showed us how modern medicine had evolved – use of cutting edge technology, understanding and supporting the patient, care for the emotions of their patients and not merely prescribing medicines, tests and treatments. We saw a very humane form of medicine at Apollo and would definitely refer them again. 
Tomorrow, our Prarthna will be two years of age. We are eagerly waiting for her to grow up so we can share the story of how much her paa n maa craved for her, also tell her the story of how an angel brought them to our house to make it a home. 
This fictional post is written as part of IndiBlogger’s contest How Does Modern HealthCare Touch Lives in association with Apollo Hospitals

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31 thoughts on “Prarthna : The Story of An Angel

  1. Lovely story, Bhavya. Modern medicine does make a tremendous difference in people’s lives. Unfortunately it can get very expensive.
    By the way, I have just participated in a contest-cum-giveaway, hosted by My yatra diary, on my blog, and I have nominated you to participate too. Today is the last day though.

    • Yes, it can get very expensive. It is sad that only the rich have access to effective treatments and best hospitals.
      Thank you for nominating me, but unfortunately I am late.. maybe next time 🙂

  2. It was sooo great to meet you through the A to Z challenge. We will definitely keep our eye on you and your writing. Realized that you are a modern day Jane Austen. You write to the heart of everyday life and help people see behind the kitchen door where the pretense that happens in society is let down.
    your style is a joy to read – hope there are many books written by your hand for people to enjoy

  3. That’s such a sweet story Bhavya. This is a reality for so many couples only because of the advances in modern medicine and these new age hospitals.
    All the best for the contest! 🙂

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