Nandyarvattom ~ Crepe Jasmine

Everyone who knows me know how attached I am to my brother. He fills up my world, and I think I do occupy a significant corner in his heart. Before you think this post is about my brother, let me tell you that it is not. A post, a page or a book would not possible hold all that I have to tell about him. 

The other day, our family was visiting a distant relative, when we spotted this shrub growing in the garden behind their house. My brother, K, pulled me along as he wanted to see this particular plant. Now I was wondering what was so special about this plant, sure it had pure pretty white flowers on it, but this was not the first time we were seeing this particular flower. The purohit from the Krishna temple I frequent, almost always includes this flower among the Prasad he gives us. Mumbling that he doesn’t let me sit down and have a moment’s peace, I played tag and went along with him. 

This flower (called Nandyarvattom in Malayalam, and nandeevriksha, kshirika, ksheeri, vishnupriya in Sanskrit)  is a pretty white pin-wheel shaped flower with a mild fragrance that resembles a jasmine. It is known to have many medicinal properties and is used in ayurveda to treat illnesses of the eyes. I am posting this picture that we took of this flower so you know what I am talking about.

If you will notice, one edge of the petal is smooth and rounded, whereas the other is corrugated. This, is what K wanted to show me. Though I am familiar with this flower and its plant, I had never noticed this specialty.  

There are certain times, when the details just overwhelm you, you look at something and think, how wonderful an artist He must be who shaped this flower. 

To have imagined the different colours, the animals, birds, plants and trees, to have given them such wonderful shapes and structures, God must really be an artist who gives attention to the details. 

Do we, in spite of the limited things we need to attend to, give things the attention they require? Couldn’t help but, wonder.

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9 thoughts on “Nandyarvattom ~ Crepe Jasmine

  1. I have seen this flower but never even knew the name. U know ‘m pretty bad in flowers.
    And if we could have given just enough attention to the people around us then this world would have been more beautiful.

  2. I have also seen this flower grow everywhere, and it also smells good. Such a nice thing to write about your brother, he seems to be very observant.
    I have started noticing such little details around me too. This world, our body, all are an artists’s work, that can never be understood by any of us. Everything small or big is unique. Even the sunrise, the sunset which we take for granted are so different each day. When we start admiring these details it brings us closer to our creator, and we feel the Master creator is speaking to us through all the beautiful he has surrounded us with.

  3. We live in a world of inattentiveness and distraction. There aren’t many who pay attention to details.

    Sibling-bonding is such a sweet thing 🙂

    These flowers are called Nandigovardhanam in Telugu, and they are usually used for puja.

  4. What a pretty flower – I wouldn’t have noticed the detail if you hadn’t mentioned it. Thanks to you and your bro for pointing that out.

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