Dark Secret

To say the least, my parents rejected and disowned me when they came to know how I really am. It is not by my free will that I lead a life like this, hiding from the society, never going home, always afraid of being ridiculed or mocked at.

It is not my parents’ fault that they live in a coastal village along the western ghats of India where they are still not free to decide what is right and what is wrong for them. Similarly, it is not my fault that I’m like this; this is not a choice I have made.

Today as I am forced to sit and hide because I am gay, my sister is getting married.

This piece of fiction is written for 100 Words On Saturday 10 Prompt: DARK SECRET/S hosted by Corinne at her blog EveryDay Gyaan 

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Author: Bhavya

Writing to me is therapy, it frightens and comforts at the same time. Liberates like nothing else. A book in my own name is a dream, but a bigger dream would be to write something that haunts the reader even after the last page is turned and the book is shut. I enjoy reading and music, spending time with family whilst battling my social awkwardness.

47 Comments on “Dark Secret

  1. aah ! Yesterday I saw bombay talkies movie whiich got me thinking and this post . hmmm !!! Few things r tough to understand and sad when ppl dont try to understand

    1. Yes, agreed that certain things may be difficult to understand, but like you said, what makes it worse is people’s reluctance to understand.

  2. I have some gay friends and they are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. But as always you write a superb story.

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