Because You Live Only Once

More than being a post, this is more of a note to myself – the things I would want to do in life… no, this is not my bucket list, though I do like that movie. This is not a complete list, I will add to it as and when I find something worthy of being included in my dream list 😉
  • Bungee Jump
  • Go off on a world tour
  • Climb Mt. Everest
  • Build my own Home
  • Get a Tattoo
  • Find my Purpose
  • Run my own Educational Institution
  • Be known for my writing
  • Go Scuba Diving
  • Find and Keep Love 
When your heart wants to roam, 
Unfasten the leash,
When you want to fly,
Open your wings
When you feel like laughing,
Laugh freely like a child
When you want to cry,
Cry your heart out
Because You Live Only Once
On that note, leaving you with a song that I am reminded of, every time we speak of life: 
And here are what those Hindi words mean, 
To offer yourself to someone for smiles,
To share someone’s grief,
To have love in your heart for someone,
This is what life is all about.
Granted, we are poor, by the standard of our pockets.
Even so, we are rich at heart .
Perish for love that is Life,
Crave for spring that is life,
This we believe, though others may not,
That this is what life is all about.
Relationship between the heart and the hearts trust,
The name of love lives on because of us.
Even if we die, we will be remembered by someone,
That we will smile through someone’s tears,
A flower will tell a bud, on and on,
That this is what life is all about!!!
Translation Courtesy : LivelyMoments
What are some of the things you dream of accomplishing in your lifetime?

This is in response to Write Tribe Prompt #3

WriteTribe is an initiative that provides motivation and support to bloggers.

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20 thoughts on “Because You Live Only Once

  1. Beautiful post. Wish you all your dreams come true – will look forward to hearing about each one. Thanks for sharing a lovely song – listening to it after a long long time.

  2. Beautiful song. And all those are in my bucket list too. We’ll meet up some day and will make our dream list come true together. 😉

  3. The whole post sort of relives your own thought process which we have missed somewhere. From the bucket list to translation…. the essence of you live only once is so starkly beautiful that one seriously begins to wonder why we have forgotten them in the rigmarole of life…


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