X, Xerophile

Asha was in a dilemma as to what to choose, Delhi – a place where she always wanted to be or Michigan – which sounded like a good place where she could have her share of adventures. She would have to ask her dad to help her choose.
All the women she knew needed to work from scratch to build up an image in the family or a career after they move to a new place. It was almost like a rebirth, except that when you take birth in the new family you do not begin as a child, you cannot make mistakes, every move you make will be scrutinized. In a way they began second their lives as a mere X, an unknown in a new family, a new place, known only by the new surname she would have acquired.
When she was young, she had learnt a new word for plants like cacti that she had at home Xerophile and had come home excited to share it with her mom. It was then that her mom put this amazing idea into her mind, that women were xerophiles in human form; that they could survive no matter how worse the situation was. Her mom’s words had always given her strength in life and recollected this statement in particular today.
Here she was, given an opportunity to choose and she was confused. She was elated when Milan had told her about this new opportunity he had got, that he was indeed a guy who could be trusted to be a good life partner.
In the meanwhile, her parents had made all the arrangements for the puja that was scheduled for the next day, before their engagement and had gone out shopping for clothes for their immediate family members. In less than two weeks, from Ms. Asha, she would be Mrs. Asha – happily married to a guy who loved her for what she is, thinking about Milan fondly.
“I think I don’t need to ask dad. I will tell him I want to live with him in Michigan, the place where he had spent a good portion of his life waiting for me”, thought Asha. “For a guy who has waited so long for me, isn’t this a small sacrifice to make? What good is love if not expressed through deeds? Michigan it will be, and it will be a long honeymoon in a foreign land!”
She picked up her phone to make that call.

She said a silent prayer to her Lord for always being there for her and for straightening out all the seemingly confusing junctions in her life path. 


Girls in India are caught in the drift when they reach a particular age. They suddenly face a dilemma as to what to focus on in their life, whether to make a career and ensure a living or to get married and secure their life. Girls who remain single after the so called marriageable age are frowned upon by the society and are considered a burden for their families.

Throughout the month of April, thanks to the AtoZ Challenge, I am trying to portray the life of Asha, a common Indian girl with dreams and aspirations. Everyday we focus on one alphabet starting from A on April 1st till Z on April 30th. Stick with me till the end of the journey and do tell me what you think of my writing and my Asha.

K - Krishna
O - Online?
Q - Questions!
R - Risks
U - Union
W – Wait

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21 thoughts on “X, Xerophile

  1. I only hope she is not too late.
    Anyway, it would be a good experience for her to work in a foreign land, and when offered an opportunity like that from her office itself, it would be foolish not to take it up.

  2. I have gone back and started from A. Very enjoyable. I can’t see that there will be an end as such but looking forward to seeing what is next for Asha

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