What The #*!!

The other day, I got into a bus and unfortunately the only vacant seat was one next to a saree clad lady who seemed to be in her 40s. Not that I have a problem sharing a seat with any woman, but never in my life would I choose to sit next to a woman, especially one who is a stranger to me. Now this lady I sat with, shifted closer to the window as soon as I tried to place myself on the seat of a bus which was already very shaky. I found the gesture sweet and accommodating, for I was happy that she was adjusting for me. 

The moment I sat down, she stared at me. “What? Was there a bit of the roti I had still on my face?” Pulling out my spotless white kerchief I quickly wiped my face. Whew, now I was so clean my mom would be proud of her beta

Curse the driver, he hit the brakes so suddenly I couldn’t get a grip over myself and my shoulder grazed my co-passenger’s shoulder. I bet Maa Kali couldn’t look as furious as this female, oops this lady, they say calling someone ‘female’ is an insult these days. “Oh god, I think she thinks I’m one of those perverted touchy feely kind of guys you meet on the bus. Someone tell them I am as innocent as a newborn child, well that might be an exaggeration, but still, I was no rapist!!” 

There was just another 30 minutes journey left till my destination and out of fear of further humiliation I started humming tunes to myself and looked the other way enjoying the sceneries, the concrete buildings and smoggy air was a beautiful sight, if you know what I mean. I was praying fervently to all my Gods to keep me safe for the remainder of the journey. 

About ten minutes later the bus stopped to let a few more passengers in. Then this big heavy guy came and stood next to my seat. The instant the bus driver hit the brakes, this guy partially leaning on poor little me. Unable to bear his weight, I was jostled a tiny inch towards this lady I was sharing my seat with. 

I do not remember what happened next in the bus, nor do I remember how I happened to be thrown out of the bus. The last sentence that I heard was, “guys like you are the reason why the girl from Delhi died so miserably”. 


Image Courtesy: 1HundredWorks
This post was originally written for 1HundredWorks: a wonderful blog run by two friends who love to write and who want to spread the love of writing. 


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18 thoughts on “What The #*!!”

  1. There are lady reserved seats!? Sorry on my bus journey I’m likely to be the lady standing in the place where the man was standing. Women’s rights have come a long way in the US, but there may have been a price. On a cautionary note as with this story, you can go too far one way for a good cause, and end up hurting innocent men and women alike.

    • Here, 25% seats in a bus are reserved for women. Any man found occupying those seats are punishable by law, often they are made to pay hefty amounts as fine. The law is to ensure that the men do not take up all the seats in a bus, but as you said it, sometimes we go to the extremes and hurt innocent people.

  2. When i was a child i was taught Society – with all it’s ideas, thoughts and passions – will swing like a pendulum . . . from one extreme to another –
    Right now it seems we are super sensitive – I appreciate how this piece expresses this –
    I also hope to see – someday – that people – all of them – are respected and cherished.
    Thanks for sharing your work. love & love, -g-

    • Oh wow. I loved the idea about the pendulum. Now that I think of it, its so true. Thank you for sharing that learning with me 🙂
      I am hopeful of a tomorrow when we will live together as human beings – not separated by geographies, gender, religion or anything else.

      Thank you G.

  3. Maggid said it best. As an American, I sit by men all the time and have never given it a second thought. One of the reasons I love reading blogs…I learn something new every day!

    • Thank you Elizabeth. Even I love to read different blogs by people from different places and cultures; it gives us so much more information 🙂


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