Milan was disturbed for very obvious reasons; he had been trying to call her for so long, since their engagement was fixed, she was not talking to him. He tried to recollect whatever had happened over the past few weeks – how he had convinced his family to send his proposal to her parents; how her parents had tried to talk him out of this marriage because, as far as they could see, Milan was an NRI groom, Asha’s parents were convinced that they could not afford this relationship; how he had overcome every obstacle in his path and the day when Asha finally passed the news through her mom that she would be willing to meet him, and how of all the things on the menu, she had chosen noodles and lime juice. He smiled when he thought how blissfully unaware she was of all the things that were happening in the background – he had almost lost his job because of the month long leave he had taken to come back to India, how he had tried to trace her down with the knowledge –thanks to a common friend- that she was in Delhi and every single thing that had happened till this day when finally their engagement was fixed. And here she was, like a typical girlfriend, angry at him over some crime that he did not remember doing.

He tried calling her again; there was no answer this time also. He gobbled down the desire to go to her house, only because her parents too would be there and they would not appreciate this behavior of his.

“If only the girl would pick my call” thought he. Asha was the only thing on his mind for the last couple of hours, what she was planning to do, how she would manage everything. He had wanted to tell her that he had cleared an interview and had a job offer from one of the premier advertising agencies in India where he had applied while he was still in Michigan asking him if he would join them as Branding Manager in their office in New Delhi. Before making a commitment or rejecting the offer, he wanted to talk to her, take her opinion on whether she wanted to continue in Delhi, or move to Michigan.

Every moment spent with her was precious, and he cherished every moment they spent with each other; but these days it seemed to be a luxury.

Now all he could do was wait for her to return his call. 


Girls in India are caught in the drift when they reach a particular age. They suddenly face a dilemma as to what to focus on in their life, whether to make a career and ensure a living or to get married and secure their life. Girls who remain single after the so called marriageable age are frowned upon by the society and are considered a burden for their families.

Throughout the month of April, thanks to the AtoZ Challenge, I am trying to portray the life of Asha, a common Indian girl with dreams and aspirations. Everyday we focus on one alphabet starting from A on April 1st till Z on April 30th. Stick with me till the end of the journey and do tell me what you think of my writing and my Asha.

K - Krishna
O - Online?
Q - Questions!
R - Risks
U - Union

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  1. Good things come to those who wait – I can’t remember who said this – maybe it’s from the Bible but I so hope all the waiting will be worth it! Great post Bhavya thank you!

  2. Okay I think Asha needs to stop playing hard to get otherwise Milan might find another to milan with. Pick up the phone Asha – we’re all waiting!


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