Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The sun rose like every other day, its rays orange and warm kissed her awake; the coffee her mom made was sweet; the bouquet of roses that came in still had thorns one of which pricked her; birds were singing but sounded nowhere close to violins playing; why then did they call this love? Asha … Read more

Yanks at the Heart of the Yapping Girl

Happy at having reached a decision she went and joined her parents in their room; wanting to spend a few moments with them while she still had the time. She found them poring over her childhood albums and were passing comments on and laughing at many of the photographs. She stood outside their room and … Read more

X, Xerophile

Asha was in a dilemma as to what to choose, Delhi – a place where she always wanted to be or Michigan – which sounded like a good place where she could have her share of adventures. She would have to ask her dad to help her choose. All the women she knew needed to … Read more


Milan was disturbed for very obvious reasons; he had been trying to call her for so long, since their engagement was fixed, she was not talking to him. He tried to recollect whatever had happened over the past few weeks – how he had convinced his family to send his proposal to her parents; how … Read more

Vining Vistas

Not very excited at the ‘new mail’ notification blinking on her screen, Asha reluctantly opened the email expecting it to be a letter from the Bharat Jagaran, accepting her resignation. Her mom called her suddenly and Asha left the laptop as it was and made a mental note to read the mail once she was … Read more


The dates were fixed, there was no escape now. Their parents would see to it that Asha and Milan got married no matter what. Asha had no qualms in getting Milan as her life partner, but she was still feeling torn. Her dreams were calling out to her, her illustrious career was yet to blossom, … Read more

Timeless Tableau, A Twist in The Tale

The dinner with her parents went exceptionally well, especially with the surprise they had given her. Her mother came into the room with a steaming cup of coffee, just the way Asha loved. She knew from the aroma wafting from the dining room that her mom had not only settled down and made herself comfortable, … Read more

Some Soul Searching

“They had called”, her mom told her over the phone, “Mr & Mrs. Nair want nothing from us other than your hand in marriage for their son, and it seems Milan’s grandmother’s last wish was that he should get married in Guruvayur, so your condition has actually made them very happy.“ “They feel it’s in … Read more

An Award? For Me? Really?!! Woo Hoo!!

Blogosphere certainly seems to me like a whole new universe; with its limitless number of acronyms, tools, widgets, challenges and awards. I have wondered, who hands out these awards to these bloggers, whether there is an organization that is keenly looking at the countless blogs and their countless posts. It sort of was an answer … Read more

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