An Alphabetian Odyssey

The decision to enter the A to Z Blogging Challenge was taken at the spur of the moment. As always, setting the goal is the easiest thing to do, to live out your decision and fulfil the goal is the real challenge.  
Its March 29th already and I know that most of the participants have already thought out what they are going to write about and already have their posts ready and scheduled. All they are waiting for, is April. As for me, I do have a vague idea on what to write about; rather I have developed an idea with generous help from a friend who has another blog.
A young girl living in India, with dreams of flying higher than the clouds, with an ambition to touch the stars and play with the moon, is suddenly faced with a question most of her friends are facing too. Marriage. What would this twist of fate do to her life, her plans and her career? Through a series of 26 posts, I am trying to explain what she goes through, the choices and sacrifices she makes and the consequences from these choices.

NB: I am a novice writer without much experience. I love writing and hence am trying to write as much as I can. I’d absolutely love to have pointers from you on how I can improve. Please feel free to leave your comments. 

                                                          Thanks for reading. God bless!!

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Author: Bhavya

Writing to me is therapy, it frightens and comforts at the same time. Liberates like nothing else. A book in my own name is a dream, but a bigger dream would be to write something that haunts the reader even after the last page is turned and the book is shut. I enjoy reading and music, spending time with family whilst battling my social awkwardness.

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  1. Bhavya, the stories came out excellent! I think your idea of doing a story through the month was excellent. I joined the challenge at the spur of the moment too. Actually on April 1 at 11 a.m. a friend informed me about it and I was on board!

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