A Challenge!

I was reading a few blogs the other day when I happened to come across a badge mentioning something about an AtoZ Blogging Challenge. The curious me went on to click and reach their site.
 Ahha! Now that’s really a challenge, especially for someone like me. I am a person who works at a computer for a large share during the day, reaches home way past the sun has gone home and I really loathe having to stare at the computer screen for even another minute in the day, even TV is a big no no for me. There’s a limit to how much I can put up with a bright screen with numbers, alphabets and images. I’d rather sneak away to someplace that soothes my nerves or snuggle into that seat by the window with a few cushions and a nice book to read.
So, coming back to this challenge I found, it requires me to do a blog post every day through April. Simple? Well, not so simple. As per the name, it needs to be on the theme of alphabets, on the first of April the post I make needs to be at least vaguely related to the alphabet A, on the second, B.. you get the hang of it. Without second thoughts I signed up for the challenge, for this would make me committed to writing more. All I do these days is, when and if I find time I write; whereas the truth is, I am in love with writing. I am hoping this challenge will put me on the right track to write more. Also, my secret fear is whether I would be able to meet the challenge. Well, lets hope I will.

Keeping my fingers crossed!! 
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