An Arranged Marriage?!

Asha was in the final year of her post graduation. She was studying in a prestigious college in Delhi, and would soon be a full fledged journalist in a few months’ time. She is the only daughter of her parents who are working in two different cities ever since she could remember. Born into a … Read more

An Alphabetian Odyssey

The decision to enter the A to Z Blogging Challenge was taken at the spur of the moment. As always, setting the goal is the easiest thing to do, to live out your decision and fulfil the goal is the real challenge.   Its March 29th already and I know that most of the participants … Read more

Matters of the Mind

Photo taken at: Kochi Muziris Biennale 2013 To make sense of the unclear,To let the muddy waters settle,To make words of alphabets andTo make pictures of the shades of life,That is but human nature…. Why then is this mind of yours,Even when lost in the unknown,When darkness should have taken over,Drunk in the black of … Read more

A Challenge!

I was reading a few blogs the other day when I happened to come across a badge mentioning something about an AtoZ Blogging Challenge. The curious me went on to click and reach their site.  Ahha! Now that’s really a challenge, especially for someone like me. I am a person who works at a computer … Read more

A Spicy Indulgence!!

Though this is not a cookery blog or anything, I just thought I’d do a different post. This is one recipe I’m in love with, and that’s the reason its found a place on my blog. The main ingredient is ginger, a commonly available spice in my part of the country. Health Benefits: ·         Chewing … Read more

Dimples? Pits?

What’s in those dimples; Empty shallow set of teeth Creases around the eyes – crows feet When they mean nothing Its not like you don’t know Why then do you dip yourself Deep in those pools and lose yourself When you know they are just PITS.

Osho on real differences between Men and Women

Osho : The psychology movement is basically male chauvinist, and strangely, it has exploited women more than men. Most of the differences between men and women are because of thousands of years of conditioning. They are not fundamental to nature, but there are a few differences which give them unique beauty, individuality. Those differences can be counted … Read more

Maybe Its Just Me :)

It has been quite a while since my formal education is completed, well not completed in the sense of ‘learning over’ but what I mean is I’ve completed my masters and am currently engaged in the promotion of a few brands on the internet. Time flies when you enjoy what you do. I seriously did … Read more

My Professor

The man was going about his daily business as usual, on his way to have his breakfast, he exits the building in which he stays, holding an ancient suitcase and the latest edition of a leading business daily.  Time has taken its toll. The small frame has become frail now; the lines on his skin … Read more

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