Vicky Weds Suraj

Vicky and I are getting married this weekend, finally. Our journey towards tying the nuptial knot was longer and harder than it was for most of you reading this post. We are not too young to get married, yet our love was classified as infatuation and God knows with what other adjectives. Always looked upon with dirty eyes, the mothers we met on the roads shielded their children’s eyes so they wouldn’t see us and be ‘influenced’. Our own mothers never understood and moved away from us.
Ours might be an unconventional love story, but I see nothing wrong in it, for we were made this way, by the same Gods who made you. We are not born of a lesser god, we are born of the very same Gods you exalt and try to please everyday with the numerous amounts of bhajans and keerthans and the agarbathis.  Maybe the reason he doesn’t listen to your prayers is that you lack what makes us different from you. You lack Love, Love like God meant it to be. Though hated by you, the society we were born into, the family that brought us up, we still have managed to preserve that love; for no matter what you do, we will still love you for what you are, and accept that one day, you will understand why Vicky and Suraj, in spite of being two men, decided to get married to each other.
||Love ||Peace ||Prayers||
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